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Killing children is not defense

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

The child wrapped in a shroud of cloth dead at only five-year-old, with the endless bombing, bodies and death all around, The killing of the innocents, the weeping and human pain, above that crying was the terrible crashing sound.

Bombs exploding, guns firing many died as Gaza and millions more around the world cried and wept. Bodies from buildings now in ruins were pulled by hand as rescuers, grim faced their anger in silence kept.

For no cries or words could express the horror that Israel brought in anger and in hate, Killing children by the thousand in self-defense told the people it was their historical fate.

Driven from their homes, everything destroyed, reduced to garbage, ashes and concrete rubble, mass murder and genocide, some say, is only the beginning of their trouble.

The hunger and disease, sickness and early death ten thousand and still counting, five thousand children are the victims that Israel brought, Retaliation for the killing of a thousand four hundred was the brutal revenge that Isarael sought. No balance, no proportion for the evil that Hamas did, but why innocent children in their thousands killed, With wounded children’s crying, the hospitals are filled.

No lights, water and little food the people tremble in desperation, worry with overwhelming fears, With bombs still falling, people dying where is Picasso and his Guernica to move human hearts to tears?

It was Hitler’s bombers and Franco’s revenge that the Spanish town of Guerica was destroyed, A war so vicious, so callus, Picasso painted a masterpiece, his talent totally employed.

In battle with Hamas, killing kids is not defense but brutal war crimes that never seem to end, There will be a reckoning, justice will be done, for the culprits of the massacres they cannot justify, or defend.

How can they win? for every fighter dead five more stand up and join the vicious fight, A totally useless war that has brought upon the nation a dark cloud, a moral blight.

For a hundred years or more that wound will never heal, like a burning coal it will sear every heart and mind. Every nation will remember the cruel destruction the Palestinians endured while no peace or ceasefire could they even find.

Violent attack, dislocation, occupation that started seventy years ago, The great injustice for which Israel has no shame, they stole the land, drove away the people for which they must take the blame, From which the seeds of anger and the hatred grow.

Massive marches around the world condemn injustice and a ceasefire they demand, Meetings of the nations where they talk and condemn, Israel, with a nuclear bomb,and impunity, no intervention will be planned.

The suffering of the Gaza people will continue with injustice growing like a mushroom cloud, there will be no two-nations where they agree to share the ancient land, While the right-wing fanatics have political power and western nations will never bend, then a cease fire and peace talks are for now, the only possible demand.


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