Murdered Children

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  • Prayer for the Murdered Children in Chicago Lord God, source of all life, you make all life sacred and love especially the most vulnerable among us. Protect our children from senseless violence, shield them from the plague of gunfire, and enable us to defend them from those who would harm them. Enable our community to address the root causes of violence and to transform our life together in a spirit of justice and deep respect for all life. We pray through Christ, our Lord. Amen by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism

  • A Prayer for Murdered Children Good and gracious God, We stand before you to ask for your help in understanding the violence that has captured the soul of our society. We pray especially today for Secoriea Turner who was killed in Atlanta, Georgia while sitting in a car across the street from the Wendy's parking lot.  This is the same lot the Rayshard Brook was killed in last week. We need to think and pray for the goodness and life of each other. We need to care for all those who are suffering from this horrific incident and for the emotional and spiritual devastation that will take place in their lives.  We ask you to help all to live with peace at this time and to ask you for help in this time of need.  We ask you this through Christ our Lord, Amen By Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

  • A Prayer for the Two Children Recently Fatally Shot Across Chicago O Lord, Has Herod’s terrible power been unleashed in our day? Are our streets to run with blood of children? Is his order to be carried out on the streets of Chicago? Will his massacre of the innocent be repeated? Are the sobbing, whaling, and lamentations To be the songs that we sing? Is every mother to be called Rachel? Their children are gone. There are none to be consoled. There is sobbing and loud lamentations. Not in the Holy Land, not in Bethlehem, Not in Jerusalem, but here in Chicago. On our streets, our ways and boulevards West Side, South Side, North Side. “…they are no more.”   “…they are no more.” Desolation! No.  God is good. Even as I reflect on this scene, my Bible open on my lap, my eye catches the text of a previous passage, where the Magi had been following their star, Dare we share what they discovered? “…on entering the house they saw the Child  with Mary his mother.” Oh Lord God, heavenly father, help  us.                   In our grief                   In our Sorrow                   In our laminations          Help us to see as they saw:            “the Child with Mary his mother.” ”the Child with Mary his mother.” (Matt 2:16-18) by Father David O. Brown, O.S.M. Profiles in Catholicism

  • Prayers for Yummy Sandifer, Dantrell Davis, Ryan Harris, Eric Morse, Derrion Albert, Blair Holt, Jonylah Watkins, and the hundreds of other children murdered and whom continue to be murdered in Chicago God, we pray for those who have been murdered on the streets of our city. We commit to your loving care those who have died, beseeching you to receive their souls into the mercy of your love. Comfort their loved ones who mourn. Enable them to meet the lonely and painful days ahead in the strength of your love. Let the love that you have made known to us lead us to create safer streets for all to walk upon. Amen by Vienna Cobb Anderson.

  • A Prayer for Marlen Ochoa-Lopez  Lord……………… (Silence) ….. Oh Lord ………………………….. Oh Lord God, first of all give us words to express the depths of our sin, the horror of our sin.  What have we done this time?   When we look at our world with its injustice, its perversions, and now we have added this? What words do we have to express our sorrow for this prevision?  It was done by one of us, one of your children and it has brought us all to a still deeper trough of evil? Forgive us. Forgive us. Forgive us. This is all we can ask: Forgive us through the passion, death and resurrection of your Son Jesus, forgive us. by Father David O. Brown, O.S.M. Profiles in Catholicism

  • Prayer at A J Freund’s Death God ever sure and ever faithful, we place A J Freund into your hands. You entrusted his young life to us, and, in so many tragic ways, we failed him. We also failed your trust by not holding his innocent life as a sacred gift. May A J be with you, and so find the fulfillment that eluded him on earth. May we learn from A J to be loving and watchful of all life, especially young life. May we be strong and relentless in protecting all your children, who belong to us as well. Amen by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism

  • A Prayer for Demetrius Townsel Jr. A child is killed a life is gone we share the grief and pray that justice will be done we love the right and reject the wrong Jesus help us ban every gun. Most precious is the child above all others Jesus said His life was taken, yet his spirit lives and he has risen from the dead, and so too will Demetrius live again in the presence of the Lord and his spirit will be with us and to eternal life has soared. Lord embrace and welcome him and strengthen his friends and family Lord may truth and goodness bring justice, peace and right, May we continue to be with You through every day and night. Amen by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

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