Nuclear Challenges

Updated: Aug 27


Prayer for Martha Hennessy

Oh Lord, as Catholics we offer our gratitude

to Martha Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day, for continuing the work of the Plowshares 7 and the Catholic Worker, opposing nuclear arms and warfare,

which have been condemned by our Church,

and helping feed the hungry and serve those in need.

She will now be serving ten months in prison

for entering a nuclear arsenal

and painting peace signs and messages on its walls.

She caused very little actual damage.

Oh Lord, we pray for you to be with her

with your love and support,

helping her to endure and survive her imprisonment.

She is being punished for serving humanity

and working to save the lives of all of us,

by witnessing to the evil of nuclear arms and nuclear war.

May she emerge healthy and well

and return to those she loves

and who love her,

as do we all.

We pray for peace, shalom for all humanity.


by Dr. Eugene Fisher Profiles in Catholicism



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  • A Prayer to Prevent Nuclear War Lord God, you created life and beauty in this world.  You then entrusted the human community with caring for, and enhancing, your creation.  Strengthen us, we pray, in this challenging time hen the power to destroy this creation has grown so dangerously.  Lead us on a road of peace, a road that includes a program of removing all nuclear weapons from our earth.  We cannot hope to meet this challenge without your continuing presence and support.  For this we make our prayerful plea in your name. by John T. Pawlikowski, OSM Profiles in Catholicism

  • Prayer to End Nuclear Conflicts God most powerful and most kind, creator of all things visible and invisible, you have entrusted to us the stewardship of your creation. With your guidance, we have explored your world and learned to unleash its powerful forces. Make us good stewards of the world’s goods and powers, so that we may never use what you have given us for destruction but always for building a world of justice and more abundant life. Lead us away from every temptation to break the bonds of the human family. Inspire us to the grateful and loving use of all power— physical, moral, and spiritual. Amen by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism


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