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On the ascent and fall from power

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Like an eagle soaring to the sky,

when the crowd is roaring, waving banners,

his name is shouted loud,

the candidate will feel the adrenaline

to make him strong and proud.

He is happy and ecstatic, lifted on wings of joy,

yet the arrogant and triumphant lives in a gilded ivory tower,

when ascending to the throne, he has reached the pinnacle of all power.

Instead of serving as a humble servant for the people all as one,

to bring harmony, unity, healing, he used the cutting sword of racism,

and the greatest harm was done.

He raised a tribe, a following that sees no right or wrong,

they have empty hope in a leader that may be lost, blind yet strong.

A voice to represent them, when supreme, yet marching in the dark,

they will follow wherever he will lead without conscience

values, or respect, sailing in a sinking Ark.

In the empty ship of state, when Corina rages all around,

there is little hope of saving many or reaching dryer ground.

No empathy or the care to rule with justice for the common good,

He sought his personal benefit, that should be clearly understood.

Now the addicting drug of power that grips a tyrant and a king,

can destroy democracy, and drank misery will it bring.

A stolen vote they wrongly say and our president has the right to stay.

So if he clings to power with the party at his back,

to the streets the armed proud boys go, and an insurrection make,

a civil war is on the way dear friend,? or is that a big mistake.

Should the people shudder and cringe in fear, and hide beneath the bed

or stand for what is right and see him off instead ?

Now an antidote is close at hand, withdrawal is taking hold,

the twitter tantrums continue with corona in the cold.

But the bitter end is coming, the truth will stand out bold and clear,

another has arrived to take his place, to end the tyranny and the fear.

Light will shine to brighten up our lives, when healing will begin no one can ever say,

But a better life with reason and thoughtful rule, will bring a better day. end.


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