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One Day at a Time and Other Stories It Might Have Been and Other Stories

by A. K. Frailey

Commentary by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D.

The difficulty in reviewing these books is that we are not used to this format. The authors gives us extensive and beautiful short stories. They are books especially tuned into young adults. The short stories give support to our Catholic values. Most of the stories are four pages in length but rich in love for a good Christian story.

The truth is, a good story never really stops living. The best compliment the author ever received was from an editor who said that even after she finished her book, she couldn’t stop thinking about the characters. They even follow the editor into the garden. This is high praise indeed. The author likes to take all the credit, but that wouldn’t be fair. The author may have come up with the ideas, but each character has his or her part to play, coming alive in ways she never imagined in the readers’ minds

“These books are a collection of contemporary short stories involving families, friends, and distant relations. It is the hazards of daily life that test the soul. Nobility, bravery, decency, kindness, and mercy are the shafts of light that pierce the darkness of the human experience. No one gets by without trial and tribulation, though few may notice the inner drama taking place all around. Keep your eyes open and your heart aware, you might just recognize a familiar friend.”

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