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Poland Challenges

Prayer for the suffering migrants.

They suffer the cold and hunger, they are abandoned and seek refuge,

and stand at the barbered wire fence of Poland, a Catholic nation, they claim.

Yet the poor and the hungry strangers are rejected and excluded ,unwanted and

despised by your followers Lord. They are the rich and powerful call them to repent Lord

and to open their gates and hearts to the poor and welcome the strangers

as you commanded we do Lord Jesus.

They are the refugees, the migrants seeking a new life, escaping oppression and poverty

as you were Lord fleeing to Egypt at the first Christmas to escape the wrath and death squads of King Herod.

You told us to welcome strangers, to open our hearts to them, to be good as the Samaritan was to the suffering victim in your story.

We are failing them and you Lord, forgive all those who sin by rejecting the stranger in need

and may the excluders repent and change and welcome you and welcome the poor and the needy.

Amen by Father Shay Cullen


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