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Prayers For Cleansing Ancestral Bloodlines in the Courts of Heaven

by Dr. Bruce Cook

Dr. Cook writes from the perspective of both a practitioner and a theologian, a social scientist and an ordained minister, as well as a business and political leader, and someone who is part of the leadership team of a local church, a director of several other ministries, and has co-founded and led an apostolic network.

In this book, we have an international, Apostolic Father who has succinctly and accurately captured this message. Although you are not personally responsible for the sins of others, you are influenced by and can suffer from the consequences of your forefathers’ sins through your ancestral bloodline. These sins provide an access point for Satan to accuse and attack you and your family. You have the legal right to stand in the gap, enter the Courts of Heaven and offer up the prayers of repentance for your ancestral bloodline in order to break the generational cycles and patterns. Find out how to do this and much more in this powerful book of prayers.

To beat Satan at his own game, it is much more effective to confront him in a Courtroom in heaven first, before engaging him on a battlefield on the earth. This is divine order, strategy and wisdom. As you deal with outstanding issues in your life, the lives of family members, and your ancestral bloodline in the Courts of Heaven, you will see and experience the fruit of this repentance. There you can face your Accuser and be defended by Christ Jesus, your advocate. His perfect defense allows you to obtain a verdict in your favor from Father God, the Supreme Judge. There you can obtain mercy and find relief, freedom and breakthrough.

Candice L. Long states: “Going to the Courts of heaven is a journey the enemy does not want you to make, for he knows he will be defeated. The Courts are where you will be heard and where you will be granted the freedom you have longed for to fulfill your destiny.”

This book is interesting in its narrative and attention to what the will of God is in the Courtroom. It is meant for a very special audience.

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