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Sacred Space: The Prayer Book

by The Irish Jesuits

I have used Sacred Space for 4 years as I was first introduced to it when I was on a trip to Rome for the consistory of Cardinal Cupich. It helped me to develop one of my ‘habits of the heart’ at a wonderfully holy time. There are seventeen different translations of this book for those throughout our world.

This book brings daily prayer to the Internet, a place all of us hangout. It is an invitation to step away from whatever we are doing and finding an invitation to concentrate on what is really important in their lives. Sacred Space offers its visitors the opportunity to grow in prayerful awareness of their friendship with God.

Besides the daily prayer experience, Sacred Space also offers Living Space, with commentaries on the Scripture readings for each day’s Catholic Mass. The Chapel of Intentions allow people to add their own prayers, while Pray with the Pope joins the community to the international Apostleship of Prayer. In addition, Sacred Space provides Lenten and Advent retreats, often in partnership with Pray as You Go, an audio prayer service from the British Jesuits. The content of this printed edition, first produced in 2004, are taken directly from the Internet site. Although many people use the Internet site the book is especially helpful for prayer groups.

Each week there are 6 variables attended to: the presence of God, freedom, consciousness, the word, conversation and a conclusion. Attention to these variables provides a thread that ties the Scripture to our everyday life. These are such rich experiences of God in our life that the Irish Jesuits and other spiritual authors provide us. It is a book that is worthy of our attention and prayerfulness. It gives each of us a sense of rhythm to our lives and a pattern of leaning on the love of God. This book makes our life meaningful and dependent on the reflection of others for our Scripture readings for each day. It is a book for use throughout the day and beginning the day with such beautiful and Scriptural based thoughts.

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