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The Diaries of Joseph and Mary

by Dennis P. McGeehan Reviewed by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D.

This book deals with an issue I’ve always been curious about: “What did Mary and Joseph do with Jesus when he was growing up? Did they play games? Did they make furniture and toys together? What did they do?” It is a book to own and meditate with. As the author states: “When you love someone you want to know everything you can about what formed their lives. “He describes the hidden life of Christ using writings of early church fathers, Saints and doctors of the church. The technique of writing the story as journals of St, Joseph and St. Mary is what gives the diaries of Joseph and Mary its edge. The reader feels allowed to listen in on the secret intimate thoughts of the Holy Parents and this is drawn close in their circle of love. It would feel good to most if they had this book long ago to give to another who told the author he always felt sorry for Joseph because he married Mary expecting a very different life. The author was able to give him an answer at the time, but this book delves a lot further into Joseph’s story and gives clear, sensible reasons formed in the contemplations of the magisterium.

McGeehan has posed many questions that are answered in the book:

  1. What was life at Nazareth like?

  2. What happened when Mary lost Jesus in the temple? Was she scared?

  3. What did St. Joseph do for a living?

  4. What did St. Joseph do for Mary?

  5. What did St. Joseph do for Jesus?

  6. Did Mary and Joseph have other children in addition to Jesus?

  7. Did St. Joseph know the apostles?

  8. Did Joseph use his carpenter skills to work on the temple?

These are just a few of the many questions answered in the book. There are many others that provide a meditation on the life of Jesus and Mary. The meditations are delightful to read and to stay with for meditation. It is a book to be given as a gift to all those you know and love.

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