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The Fourth Beast: Is Donald Trump The Antichrist?

by Lawrence R Moelhauser

Reviewed by Lucy (last name withheld) Amazon

For centuries, man has endeavored to lend credence and meaning to the Biblical references of The Antichrist and to find the answers to the questions inherent within those references: Who is he? Where will he come from? What will he look like? And how will we recognize him? In this definitive commentary on our current state of political affairs, Bible scholar and freelance writer, Lawrence Moelhauser will take you on an eye-opening and thought-provoking journey to attempt to answer those questions within the context of the attitudes, behaviors, and political aspirations of the Republican Presidential Nominee, Mr. Donald J. Trump. Mr. Moelhauser shows us how Donald Trump’s lies and rhetoric feed off people's worst fears to spread hate, racism, misogyny, Islam-a-phobia, unabashed bigotry, and discrimination, and how that rhetoric coincides, point for point, with the prophesies regarding The Antichrist,

with frightening accuracy. Through careful research, Mr. Moelhauser addresses the attributes of The Antichrist, as presented in the Bible, and then compares those attributes with examples from the Presidential Campaign trail and Mr. Trump’s meteoric rise to the forefront of the US Political stage. By presenting clear and concise parallels, Mr. Moelhauser encourages readers to engage in conversation and further research, and to answer for themselves the question: Is Donald Trump The Antichrist?

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