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The Savage War Against Ukraine

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

Cold and callous, destructive anger,

With fury and utmost violence they kill, pain inflict,

Such evil force unleashed, no one could predict.

Protecting families, homeland and their lives

They ready bottle bombs, pitchforks, kitchen knives.

Defenders resist with courage and bravery untold,

Withstand a mighty force, in the winter, harsh and cold.

They fight with skill, tactic smart, brave with courage strong.

A criminal war, an evil war, forever wrong.

Savage bombing, missiles strike, civilians tied and shot,

Homes and apartments bombed, bodies left to rot.

War crimes many, killing mothers, children,

Old folk and the very young,

Bodies of the dead in mass graves unblessed are flung.

Savage beast of war, hate unleashed, selfish crule ambition

A leader seeks revenge, without mercy or contrition.

Russia withers in dark ignorance and despair,

Is shrinking into poverty the elite rule without a care.

Mass murder, rape, abuse, victims deported to the Russia of their fears

From the basements of cruel suffering, cries for help, children streaming tears.

Ponderous army, conscripts, tanks ten thousand of iron and steel,

Corrupt command, no mercy, massacres they cannot feel.

Agile fighters in defense with Javelins, a thousand tanks destroys,

The Stinger swift brings down copters wrecked like broken toys.

Kiev the city safe, enemy in retreat, defeated, leave ten thousand dead,

Invading army disorganized to the East and South in shame they fled.

Russian boys in uniform, wasted fodder, left rotting on the ground.

Parents never know how they died no reason never found.

In pits for graves, victims of atrocities are buried and concealed,

To cover up the war crimes against the brave who would not yield.

The day will come when the evil will be stopped,

By talks to end the war so evil, dark and grim

Ask and wonder, why, oh why did it first begin?


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