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The Seven Trials Against Jesus

Updated: Jun 24

by Father Rolando Jose Olivo 

Reviewed by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

I was discussing with a group of friends the innocence of young children.  They have only their innocent selves to offer to others: nothing more, nothing less. Jesus was also humbly and simply innocent. He faced seven trials: 1)Annas, without sentence, 20Sanhedrin, found guilty(invalid for many violations of Jewish law), 3) Sanhedrin, repeated at dawn, before the nullity of the previous one, found guilty(it is also invalid), 4)Pontius Pilate declared Him Innocent, 5)Herod Antipas, without sentence, 6)Pontius Pilate declared Him innocent again, and 7)legal aberration by Pontius Pilate and the court of the crowd without filing charges neither presenting condemnatory proofs, Jesus was sentenced to death. Pontius Pilate issued two final sentences of innocence in favor of Jesus, which were later unknown, and none of his accusers could present a single proof against Jesus.


Pontius Pilate in addition to evading his responsibilities as judge and improperly handling a conflict of interests, committed serious crimes in the last trial: a) initiated an atypical, irregular, invalid illegal and illegitimate trial against Jesus, b0awarded an angry crowd the poser to act as a court of law, c) accepted a death sentence without charges nor proofs, and d)authorized the crucifixion of Jesus or the application of a method of execution, intended only for those convicted in Roman courts.


The author takes each of the trials and analyzes them in detail. In his conclusion he states: “the crucifixion of Jesus is the death of an innocent man and possibly also constitutes one of the greatest injustices in the history of humankind. Although masterfully, Jesus aware that He was going to sacrifice Himself to fulfill a great mission, in accordance with the will of the Father and various biblical prophecies, knew that He would be condemned, and at the same time, left undeniable evidence of His innocence. When you are finished reading the book hand it on or buy it for another believer in His innocence.

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