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The Word in Your Heart: Mary, Youth, and Mental Health

Updated: Apr 16

In this book, Mary emerges from a lived pilgrimage as a Mother immersed in our lives, attracting us to her Son. Young people today live in the midst of a myriad of social difficulties and carry many wounds. Often the help of the word of God to uncover what is deeply hidden and to heal it, is not considered as a viable option to, or in conjunction with, modern medicine. Here is an invitation to join a healing pilgrimage with Our Lady that offers new insights on who we are, where hope is to be found, and how to encounter the meeting place of life and love where wounds can be healed.


Francis Etheredge addresses the important subject of mental health problems among today’s youth. Written in the backdrop of | World Youth Day 2023 (Lisbon, Portugal), Francis offers his personal story of suffering and redemption as a means to inspire young people to seek hope through God’s love. Highlighting the vital ‘tripod’ of God’s words (Scripture), liturgy, and community, Francis reminds young people – and everyone– of their deepest identity as children of God called to live life to the full (Jn 10:10).


With the rise of in mental health issues, particularly among youth, this book serves as a timely reminder that nobody, no matter  how broken, is beyond God’s healing love and grace.


[1] The title and these paragraphs were revised with the help of Kiki Latimer, email correspondence, 17/10/2023.

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