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"Vado e Vengo" film on Sky TV whit

Soundtrack by Marco Lo Russo

Marco Lo Russo returns to the cinema, signing the soundtrack of the debut film by the young director Fabrizio Nardocci "Vado e Vengo" based on a subject by Maurizio Ponzi, which will be broadcast on Sky Primafila PREMIERE TV from 26 March 2021.

The protagonist of the film is Marco Valerio Montesano flanked by well-known faces of italian cinema and TV, like Antonello Fassaro, Massimiliano Pazzaglia, Anna Ferruzzo, Alice Ferri and Sara Ricci. The film produced by Dalex Film, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, is set in Rome, Italy and tells the story of Mario a 21-year-old boy in search of his father and his roots. The meeting with the usurer uncle and with a young and beautiful businesswoman. Mario will be choose the path to follow in a continuous coming and going from one place to another and from one feeling and another.

The composer, arranger and accordionist Marco Lo Russo, who produced numerous soundtracks, always on the side of young people, wrapped the film with his sound, inspired by the inner journey of hospitality that each of us looks for in the family and in particular in the figure of the father, capable of giving that reassuring hug that each of us needs.

In the film the sounds range from pop to world music, through jazz, with electronic contaminations. There is no shortage of lounge and chill out, in which the accordion is always one of the protagonists. Also in the soundtrack is the song performed by actress Alice Ferri, in which Marco Lo Russo highlights the sensuality and freshness of the French chanson. The soundtrack of the film published by the label Rouge Sound Production for Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS will soon be available on CD.

"It is not an autobiographical work, but I wanted to dedicate this first film of mine to my father". This is the comment of the director Fabrizio Nardocci on his first cinematographic work “Vado e Vengo” to which Maestro Marco Lo Russo wishes it to be the first of a long series of successes.


Soundtrack preview:

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