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We’re Pregnant: The First time Dad’s pregnancy hand

by Adrian Kulp

by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D.

This is an unusual but especially thoughtful handbook for fathers from the look of the father of 2 girls. The author is getting ready for the fourth child. At first, the author reports that the loneliness of being alone with the baby was almost more than the author could handle and was in the hospital for some time as a result of panic attachs, it was a stressful time. The purpose of this pregnancy handbook is to communicate better, become more proactive, and become the role model for your children. Anxiety and fear happen at first but the author didn’t know where to begin. Once the reality set in his wife constructed an internal filter and realization that life would be different. Women do have instincts but both of the parents felt somewhat clueless. The man needs to step up and get involved. The author began to live life to the full extent.

Many of the books were written for Moms, but there needed to be a book for Dads. The author has written a plethora of articles and books on Fatherhood. He investigated all the aspects of fatherhood he could from his friends, his relatives, and many reflections of his own. Milestone about what is happening: stats on baby, Stats on Mother and events to attend to such as appointments. The goals of the week come from the milestones of that week. The father needs to tidy up the home, take care of the house, and talk to a financial advisor as your family grows and to adhere to the needs of the Mother. The author calls for the Father to support the Mother specifically, such as keeping up with the nutrition of the wife, good conversation starters, stress reducers, and soothing of the Mother while breast feeding.

The postpartum time is difficult in regard to recovery, breast feeding, and regulation of hormones, and the changes in life style. The author outlines the needs for each trimester and gives information about the ‘fourth’ trimester. He outlines the blessings and joys as well as the difficulties. This is a time that points to the wonderment of the child and continues to amaze the parents in regard to what the child is doing. Throughout the book the author gives details that will surprise and sometimes amuse the parents. It is a compassionate and thoughtful book about each aspect of pregnancy and how it can be dealt with in a gracious way. It is a great book for Dads that gives the information in order to be an informed and supportive partner.

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