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A Prayer to free the children imprisoned by Trump and other dictators. 

Jesus, you were held captive, deprived and made to suffer humiliation, hunger and torture. We see the children in cages, separated from their parents, alone, sick, deprived and abused. Lord Jesus you called us to stand with the poor, the oppressed and you declared that the child is the most important in the world, to accept a child is to accept you. We choose to be with you, as you are with us.

Give all of us, Jesus, the courage to speak out, to take a stand for justice, never to compromise the truth, to be brave in the face of a challenge to your Good News that all and especially the children are to be free, liberated from bondage, poverty and oppression.

May government officials realize their duty to respect and realize the dignity of every person, to uphold human rights and the rights of the children.  May they have a change of heart and turn from a heart of stone to that of human care and kindness. 

We, Jesus, are called to that mission, following your example of love of neighbor and friendship with you and each other we will act to fulfill your mission which is our mission, to restore the freedom, dignity of the captive children and bring them to a happier and better life.  Amen 

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism


by Catholic News Service

by Mark Pattison Catholic News Service

by Antonia Blumberg Huffpost

by ISN staff

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