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Africa: Mother of Western Civilization

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

This book is the students and researchers edition of Africa: Mother of Western Civilization. It is dedicated to the African Nationalist “Street-Corner Speakers” (deceased and surviving) who, in their own inimitable simplicity, have, from the advent of the late Marcus Moziah Garvey and the founding of his universal negro improvement association (UNIA) in 1918 C.E., kept the flame of Africa’s history and culture ever present in the mind of African peoples everywhere in the “Western” hemisphere. The uniqueness of this book is not an accident. It was purposefully structured to create a balance between academic presentation of the data contained and a level of socio-political and histo-anthropological reading for the benefit of the student and the general reading public. The lecture-essays placed before and at the end of texts are so arranged to allow everyone to have the benefit of being able to relay the historical findings of antiquity to present-day happenings that resulted therefrom. In keeping with the tradition established in the author’s former books (with respect in not being concerned with who or what may be offended as long as truth is maintained at all cost) the author has cited many so called authorities on Africa and their works; pointed out all the time the racism and religious bigotry they have applied to the detriment of the African peoples all over the world. Every effort has been taken to assure every one of the authenticity of the information. The author has continually tried to secure the original document or book, rather than use a revised version or a facsimile of the same.

The lecture-essays are carefully arranged before and after certain chapters. Each chapter has its own documentary notes at the rear of the book; whereas, all lecture-essay notes are placed at the bottom of the page in which the references occur. The African origins of world civilization being referred to in this work predates the Hebrews “Adam and Eve” and their “Garden of Eden” spoken of in the first book of Moses (Exodus). It shows the difference between myth and historical fact; and heavily documents “Western” (European and European –American) civilization’s earliest philosophical experiences from the beginning of its origin in Alkebu-lan (Africa). In so doing the entire basis for “Western philosophical thought”, called erroneously “Greek Philosophy,” has been demonstrated to be in face African and Asian heritage adopted by the Europeans; The same being true for so-called “Judeo-Christian Religion” and “Islamic Culture and Religion” out of the philosophical teachings of the indigenous Africans of the African Greek Lakes region and the Nile Valleys mysteries system. Even the origin of the so-called “Christian Cross” and the Hebrew Mogen David” Star of David are shown to have existed in central-east Africa thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ and King David of Palestine and/or Israel.

There are detailed maps of Africa during different time periods that are fascinating and terrifically detailed. There are endnotes as well a Chapter notes to add to the information of each of the chapters. The bibliography is replete with sophisticated notes and references that really add to the body of knowledge. The book is really a marvel of material at this particular time with a man who is dedicated to his people.

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