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Aging Up Stream

Reviewed by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

Aging can be an uphill journey.  But this author will give you reason to ponder its benefits and think about what’s important in life—all while you enjoy exploring a life that you thought you knew well.


In sixteen stories, Aging Upstream –Memoirs and Mirth for the Silver years, offers compelling stories about relationships, famous people, historical traditions and high school reminisces.

The stories are refreshing and interesting to read the author establishes his values and then consistently shows them, in his writing, to be true.

Aging Upstream is a perfect comparison for individuals facing the challenges of recovery or dementia, and a delightful bedtime read for anyone seeking insights into the art of aging gracefully. Each chapter covers a topic that is on the reader’s mind/heart. They are thoughtful and fruitful meditation.  The last chapter deals with poetry in a way that directs the reader to spiritual reflection.

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