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An Interview with Abishekar Nesamony

Updated: May 31, 2021

Alwin Rex: Tell us about yourself and explain your profession and qualifications?

Abishekar: I am Abishekar from India, the Tamilnadu of Kanyakumari district. I am a lawyer. I have an M.A. degree in English literature in addition to a LLB.

Alwin Rex: Can you tell me reason for becoming a lawyer?

Abishekar: Practicing the legal profession is very good one, because everyone and everything is found deep source laws. That was the reason why I choose the legal profession.

Alwin Rex: How many students are studying in the American- spoken English training class you run? What is the current impact of coronavirus on your educational Institutions?

Abisheke: I have an Institute," American Academy of Spoken English. I started this organization 14 years ago. After studying in this Institute all the students who have passed have a good position and are always in appreciation Unfortunately, in year 2020, the Institute was completely closed due to Covid-19. It is big an unspeakable loss that I am always thinking how to rebuild the same or else I cannot serve my fellow people in this world.

Alwin Rex: Which leader would you consider to be your role model? Explain the reason for that?

Abishekar: It is Mahatma Gandhi whom I consider as my role model. Mahatma Gandhi is extraordinary figure, For example, I can firmly say that if ask a stone who is Mahatma it will answer to that to that extend his policy are so popular. Gandhi says,"I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non violence are as old as the hills. The whole concept of these universe is in the aforesaid saying this is reason I consider Mahatma is a role model of mine.

Alwin Rex: Are the security measures prescribed by our constitutional law for the protection of women in our country satisfactory?

Abishekar: Yes. It is doubtless that the constitution of India is very good and effective one which, first up protects women in our country. I can proudly say that owing to the constitutional of India the women are very safe in our country.

Alwin Rex: Are you fighter? Or an idealist?

Abishekar: I am an Idealist .My Ideal is no violence that my journey is going towards that.

Alwin Rex: Do you realize that the Lord loves you?

Abishekar: I would like answer this question to you in person.; I can only say that God loves me and His love covers me all the day., Just as I talk to you, I talk to God, Whatever I require I ask Him for that and as soon as I ask, He gives me the same, just like the father gives to this son or daughter.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion about education?

Abishekar: Education is principal think there for everyone has to acquire it. If anyone doesn't acquire education, they will walk in darkness.

Alwin Rex: You are an Indian. So could you express anything about the roles of India?

Abishekar: I am so proud to be an Indian. The ruling of India is the best one in the civilized countries.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much sir for a great interview.

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