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An Interview with C.K. Arul Raj

Alwin Rex: Please introduce yourself.

C.K. Arul Ra: I have of B.A. in History. and I am President of Kuzhithurai Indian National Congress Party

Alwin Rex: How many years have you been working in the Congress party and what are the your responsibilities?

C.K. Arul Rraj: Initially I was a basic volunteer in the Congress party and worked with the Sundradhas (MLA) After that, I worked with Prince (MLA) Now I work with Xijayatharani ( MLA) .Firs I had the post of vice president. Then I had the post of town president for three years. On the whole. I have 25 years of experience as a congressman in the Congress

Alwin Rex: You are the leading opposition party to the ruling central government. but what is the reason for the regression of your party for the last ten years?

C.K .Arul Ra: There is a no regression at any time to our party. Other political parties follows wrong strategies towards the people In so far as the people belonging to Kkaniyakumari district are concerned, they have clear knowledge that what is meant by Congress party. Therefore they no one can change their mind set at the same time in considering the north Indians they don't know what is the real problem are such as high petrol prices and the GST, formers issues, privatization of all the government sectors without any basis, and unemployment. So the only remedy to end these problems depends upon the Congress party. The Congress party has to come to power, only then every major problem will be over. I am sure that in the fourth coming 2024 parliamentary elections the Congress will win , come to Power and it will resolve the major problems.

Alwin Rex: Please explain the actual practical law of the current Karnataka Prohibition of Religious Conversion Act?

C.K .Arul Raj: The act with respect to conversion totally deprives the rights of all the people .They are unable to contact marriage as the act is in force. There is no coercion, no wrong teachings, no illegal ways followed by the Christians. No Christian denominations do the same thing at any time and any place.

Alwin Rex: Does the Prohibition of Religion Act take away individual freedom and rights?

C.K. Arul Raj: Yes it deprives personal rights of an individual, For example, when the marriage contract is done, as the act is in force, the married couple are unable to receive the benefits from the government.

Alwin Rex: Is the Prohibition of Religion Act necessary? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of this proposed legislation.

C.K .Arul Rraj: There is no requirement for this act and there is no advantage by way of this act. And there is no doubt that this will disturb the unity of the religion and therefore I feel that it should be removed from the beginning.

Alwin Rex: What do you think about the opposition party’s internal motives are behind the introduction of the Prohibition of Religious Act?

C.K. Arul Raj: The main object of the government is how to dissolve the fraternity of the people. So the people would be seriously harmed.

Alwin Rex: Do you support or oppose the Prohibition of Religion Act? What would your vote be?

C K. Arul Raj: No Indian accept it any time. We on the whole oppose it. The Constitution guaranties every citizen of India the freedom of speech ,freedom of religion, and equality .Therefore, the Congress party will oppose this . When the Congress party comes into power in 2024 it will remove all these inhuman acts. We are moving towards that .

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much Sir. I wholeheartedly support you.

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