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An Interview with Father Arnold Diass

Alwin Rex: This is my first interview for Profiles in Catholicism. You have helped save my life which is why I asked you to be the first person that I interviewed.

Fr. Arnold Diass: Thanks for your love and concern. I am fine. Hope you too do well. I am pleased to hear that you are helping so many people. I really appreciate your love and care towards poor people.

Alwin Rex: What other issues do you have as a priority for our work as a society?

Fr. Arnold Diass: I focus on sick people who can't do anything by their own, who does not have hope in their life. I also keep my eye on educating poor children.

Alwin Rex: How did you receive your vocation to be a priest?

Fr. Arnold Diass: I am proud to share about my priestly vocation. When I was a small child I saw Rev. Fr. Vincent, my then Parish priest. He was loving towards poor people. His dedicated life drew me towards him as a magnet. His life motivated me to join in the seminary. My role model sent me to seminary and in course of time, He became the bishop of our diocese and ordained me as a priest to the diocese.

Alwin Rex: There is extreme poverty in India. What are some of the causes of this extreme poverty?

Fr. Arnold Diass: In my opinion illiteracy is the prime cause of poverty in India.

Alwin Rex: Could you please provide an overview of your parish, St. George church?

Fr. Arnold Diass: At present, I am the parish priest of St. George Malankara Catholic Church Kirathoo which has 688 families and is one of the biggest parishes of the diocese.

Alwin Rex: Who is the bishop of your diocese?

Fr. Arnold Diass: Most Rev. Dr. Vincent Mar Paulos is our bishop. He is the third bishop of diocese of Marthandam which is a mission diocese.

Alwin Rex: You have been helping me all of my life. Please provide an overview of your help.

Fr. Arnold Sias: You have been suffering from various ailments even from childhood. Several tumors developed in your chest were removed. Thereafter surgery was done for a kidney stone and treatments continued for a thyroid disorder

You have had serious health problems, physical pain, and poverty. You joined the Carmelite Monastery and studied in seminary. After more than one year of study, you were forced to discontinue the studies and He returned home in 2014. On examination, the doctors informed you that you had been affected by a pituitary adenoma. They advised you to take medicine for four years, which blocked you from seminary formation when you were was forced to discontinue his formation.

While living a solitary life, a poor lady married you. You decided to do a small business to earn for livelihood. You borrowed money to start a small business and opened a small shop. The income was too meager and due to your continuous medical treatment, you incurred massive debts. Moneylenders closed your business You were so poor that you could not afford food for you and your wife and had to rely of on the charity of others. Now your life is in the hands of people of faith and compassion

I helped you in raising funds for the surgery. You completed the surgery, and I helped with my own money for monthly medical expenses after the surgery. You have many financial problems, so he has to seek the help of many. We are trying to help you as much as possible which why is did this interview. We are currently trying to raise funds by encouraging you to start a business. I hope this will benefit you greatly. I humbly ask for the help of readers through your magazine. Please send donations to your PayPal link:

Alwin Rex: Thank you for your continued love and support!

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