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An Interview with Father Bennet Ponnumani

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Alwin Rex: How many parishioners do you have in St. Joseph Church Unnamalaikadai parish in India?

Fr. Bennet: One hundred and sixty families, Six hundred and fifty members

Alwin Rex: What do you think are the most challenging issues for your spiritual life?

Fr. Bennet: Less self-disciplined life, Laxness in personal prayer.

Alwin Rex: What efforts have you made to alleviate the problems of sick people in your church?

Fr. Bennet: I myself, Rev. Sisters, and a group of people visit, listen and pray for them Often try to give some financial help.

Alwin Rex: What do you consider to be the hallmarks of your diocesan clergy?

Fr. Bennet: We are always with the people in all their needs. We guide the people in various ways. We serve them as counselors.

Alwin Rex: Can you please tell me about your diocesan community services?

Fr. Bennet: I am a parish priest. I am serving as a director of the Gospel team and director of prayer groups of our Diocese. I also go for starting new mission stations.

Alwin Rex: Can you please tell me about your life history?

Fr. Bennet: I have five elders and two sisters. My parents are no more My childhood was in an orphanage.

Alwin Rex: What impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had on your parish? What is your opinion about the Coronavirus impact?

Fr. Bennet: Prayer groups are not being conducted. We planned to conduct a program that is not able to conduct We bought a land near our parish to build a new church. We are not able to pay Loan It's really disturbed all of us.

Alwin Rex: How are you supported financially?

Fr. Bennet: Parish is growing small egg hen farm three hundred gens are there. We get a small amount of income to pay the loan And also we plan to conduct some other programs such as installment lucky coupons; food feasts, and auction. But these are a very tough times for the people to conduct these programs.

Alwin Rex: I am asking all of the readers of Profiles in Catholicism to pray for you.

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