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An Interview with Father Jeevan George

Updated: May 31, 2021

Alwinrex: Where did you attend seminary?

Fr. Jeevan: I attended my Seminary studies Mar Ephream Seminary for minor studies St. Mary's Malankara seminary for Philosophy and Sacred Heart Seminary Chennai for my Theology studies.

Alwinrex: What was your family’s response when you became a priest?

Fr. Jeevan: My family was extremely very happy and they all are filled with joy.

Alwinrex: Tell us about your parish?

Fr. Jeevan: At present, I am working in Little Flower Malankara Catholic Church and St. Antony's Syro Malankara Catholic Church. It is not a fully developed parish, but very prayerful people We have Bcc, Mcym, and many other spiritual teams for the development of the parish.

Alwinrex: You will understand the hearts of the people because you are a priest. Can you tell people what change you expect from them?

Fr. Jeevan: I expect from them a spiritual renewal because the modern world had changed the mentality of the people that all can be done by themselves.

Alwinrex: Who is the most amazing person in your life? Can you explain the reason?

Fr. Jeevan: The amazing person in my life is my parents who prepared me from my childhood to work for the welfare of the people.

Alwinrex: Tell us about something interesting that happened in your teens?

Fr. Jeevan: The most interesting thing that happened is we organized a living program with the village people, we lived with them as their family members.

Alwinrex: Today's young society is not interested in becoming clergy, is this opinion correct? So what change does today's society expect? What is your opinion?

Fr. Jeevan: Many people have a negative impact about the clergy and it should be cleared first, and it is good to motivate them about the importance and dedication of the Priestly life for the society.

Alwinrex: Please tell me about your personal talent?

Fr. Jeevan: I am interested in the mission field as well in music, I have released a CD named Vinnava of 12 songs which composed and written and tuned by me and I also interested in media and I have at present a channel named Vinnava en vinnava.

Alwinrex: Can you tell me if there is an incident that has affected your heart the most?

Fr. Jeevan: In my parish, someone hacked my phone accounts and stole important documents from my office.

Alwinrex: What brings happiness in this world? What is your opinion?

Fr. Jeevan: Spiritual relations will make all of us happy forever.

Alwinrex: Thank you very much for this interview.

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