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An Interview with Father Yesudhas

Alwin Rex: Tell us about yourself and your parish history.

Fr. Yesudhas: My name is Father Yesudhas. I was ordained in 2003. After serving as assistant vicar for one year, I became a parish priest and the present parish, Mary Immaculate, is the 5th one.

Alwin Rex: Can you tell us about your divine calling? Were your parents supportive of your calling?

Fr. Yesudhas: I had an eagerness to become a priest from my childhood. In fact, my mother was supportive and my father wanted me to get a secular job.

Alwin Rex: You pray for many people, and they are healed. Tell us about this experience?

Fr. Yesudhas: Healing ministry is the best charism of the priesthood. I imagine Jesus and lay hands on the sick. Faith can perform miracles.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about your responsibility in your dioceses. Are there any difficulties in your responsibility in dealing with them?

Fr. Yesudhas: Yes, while I was bursar of an engineering college, I could not fully exercise the mercy of Jesus, especially to the poor students.

Alwin Rex: You have lifted the poverty of many poor people and in that way, many of you have benefited. What is the benefit or satisfaction you get from serving?

Fr. Yesudhas: While I was poor, many lifted me up. I was happy and wish to do the same for others.

Alwin Rex: What are the special features of the church of mercy that you have raised?

Fr. Yesudhas: In one world, It is "healing". Jesus does wonders through his Eucharistic presence. The presence of twelve apostles, Saints, and angels in and around the church support healing.

Alwin Rex: How do you deal with uncomfortable situations?

Fr. Yesudhas: Trying to remain calm.

Alwin Rex: Tell me something I wouldn't know about you, from looking at your portfolio?

Fr. Yesudhas: I was a pharmacist, before becoming a priest.

Alwin Rex: Tell me your parish location?

Fr. Yesudhas: It is about 3 km's away from the main town called Marthandam, a business city in Kanyakumari District.

Alwin Rex: What is your favorite prayer?

Fr. Yesudhas: Holy Rosary of divine mercy, and of course the rosary.

Alwin Rex: What are your hopes for the future of the Church in light of the abuse scandal?

Fr. Yesudhas: Change in the seminary curriculum, by adding more pastoral training to feel the pain of people.

Alwin Rex: How many families are there in your church?

Fr. Yesudhas: 302 families.

Alwin Rex: Good community devotion is found in Malankara Catholicism. The services you render are of great benefit to the people. Can this be considered as a development of Malankara Catholicism?

Fr. Yesudhas: Yes. The communitarian aspect is good. But individual spirituality also is expected.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much, Father.

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