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An Interview with Jegan Lingbell

Alwin Rex: Please explain your introduction to and your interest in music.

Jegan Kingbell: I am Jegan Kingbell with in India, Tamil Nadu, Lanyakumari district and I am working as a music tutor.

Music is a gift of God which is not given to all. My interest in the study of music is an important factor which turned out to be my life's passion. That is whenever I used some instrument other than musical instruments such as Fan, Ink patter, and some other-button based instrument. I used to play the due to my interest in music. So gradually I got a chance to study music classes in person.

But a challenge was there was no support from my parents for the study of music. I conducted the music class in churches and I was a choir master in the church. Next I worked as a music tutor and I was issued Rs.300/- (India rupees )a a remuneration for the first month in 2001. When I received the payment, I gave it to my parents

Alwin Rex: What was the main reason you became a music tutor?

Jegan Kingbell: My purpose is to sing praises to God in the church. This is the main reason why I became a music tutor.

Alwin Rex: What is your future ambition?

Jegan Kingbell: My future ambition is to establish a famous arts program in which all types of arts to be taught by that expert in the particular area. I hope someday to archive that.

Alwin Rex: Are traditional arts likely to die out due to the growth of the music industry?

Jegan Kingbell: There is no chance for the ruin of traditional music art. The traditional music art is always a traditional music art. In cannot be ruined but modern types of Western music.

Alwin Rex: Tell our readers about a concert you did with a social cause.

Jegan Kingbell: We conducted a special program during a Christmas festival and we were able to distribute funds to those in need.

Alwin Rex: Explain what you consider to be the best kind of music.

Jegan Kingbell: I think that piano and violin are the music because it gives peace of mind.

Alwin Rex: Who is the best music artist in India?

Jegan Kingbell: I believe that Ilaiyaraaja is the best music artist in India

Alwin Rex: What is the difference between karnatic music and western music?

Jegan Kingbell: Karnatic music is traditional music but Western music is modern basic music but both are classical.

Alwin Rex: Does music have the power to change one's nature?

Jegan Kingbell: Yes. It can help heal the sick .such as mentally depressed people. It connects God and man.

Alwin Rex: What strategies can be used to overcome the shortcomings in music?

Jegan Kingbell: The proper basic knowledge of music needs to be highlighted .Misleading social media needs to be banned. For the study of music, basic music knowledge needs to be thought in person by a good music tutor.

Alwin Rex: Thank you. I appreciate your interview. God bless you.

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