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An Interview with K. Anoj

Alwin Rex: Could you please introduce yourself?

Anoj: I am Anoj was born on 22-Augest-1999. Now besides (MBA) and I have did the same at CSI institute of technology affiliated to Anna University. I am familiar with English language but my mother tongue is Tamil.

Alwin Rex: Who do you consider your role model? Why did you choose him as your role model?

Anoj: My favourite person and role model is Dr.A.P. J.Abdul Kalam a scientist. I like him do to his motivation towards the youth and his caliber, morality, patriotism.

Alwin Rex: What do you consider to be the greatest misery in society? Can you lend your voice to that misery?

Anoj: Poverty is a challenge to our society. I try to address poverty by way of collecting funds and donations out of my salary and forwarding to the government. Praying to God for awareness among the people is also important.

Alwin Rex: What is your future dream?

Anoj: My ambition is become a popular sales officer which is what I am trying to be.

Alwin Rex: What do you think is the right solution to prevent sexual violence in the world?

Anoj: The rules to be tightened with respect to that area. Morality to be taught from the beginning to the higher level of education and awareness program to be conducted in the open court in the society .

Alwin Rex: Why did you choose marketing in your (MBA) course?

Anoj: Marketing is the basic thing of a company because a company can't achieve its target without proper marketing. Marketing is the backbone of a company.

Alwin Rex: Do you have interest in social services?

Anoj: I try to help the poor and needy, the blind, the disabled. and the destitute.

Alwin Rex: Thank you Anoj for a great interview

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