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An Interview with L.A. Hubert Rex

by Alwin Rex Lazar

Alwin Rex : Explain your biography?

Hubert Rex : My name is Hubert Rex. I am 40. I am currently working in a private company in Coimbatore. I have been married for 15 years. I have a daughter who is ten years old and a daughter who is seven years old. We live in a rented house.

From a young age I grew up with a love for nature and a compassionate mind for people and simple people. There was interest in all the arts. Thus, from an early age, I participated in many arts such as painting, sports, music, drama, talk, essay, poetry and bought prizes.

I graduated with an MA in Yoga due to my interest in body care and the motivation to live longer with a younger body and fully realize dignity. I live with hope through the soul beyond various trials and tribulations.

Alwin Rex: How do you keep yourself happy in the midst of so many tribulations?

Hubert Rex: I learned the art of keeping the mind happy in the midst of various tribulations. So I tried it and realized that life is an experience. I live thinking of both pleasure and pain equally.

Alwin Rex: You have a variety of skills, Explain your skills?

Hubert Rex: I am interested in developing my skills. I bought a black belt in karate. I have learned the silampam. There are many skills like balancing without doing yoga poses on the ground, writing stories, poems, essays, volley ball, badminton, shuttlecock, table tennis, kabadi, coco, long jump, high jump, chess, carrom board, running. There are gifts and certificates.

Alwin Rex: Explain your difficulties?

Hubert Rex: Difficulties are intertwined in human life, without which human life would not be complete. But, as a normal human condition, the economic crisis is accompanied by tension. Although I was born and raised in poverty, I have not been able to reap the benefits of hard work because I have to pay interest on loans from a young age. This is the only continuum in the current context.

Alwin Rex: You have a master’s degree in yoga. Is it your ambition to become a yoga teacher?

Hubert Rex: I have completed an M.A in Yoga. Of course my desire is to be a good teacher. It is also my ambition to pursue a Ph.D in Yoga.

Alwin Rex: Explain the special features of yoga?

Hubert Rex: 1. Exercise to maintain the body.

2. Meditation practice to maintain the mind.

3. Wound training to enrich life.

4. Internal body exercise to live life happily.

If we enrich our body, life and mind, we can successfully handle any situation of life. The special feature of yoga is to create a human being with love and compassion by using the sense of nature and all living beings equally.

Alwin Rex: Are you looking for an opportunity to recover from debt challenges?

Hubert Rex: Yes I definitely expect an opportunity to recover from debt challenges. I work. But I do not know the way out of the challenges and I will make efforts if I know any good opportunities ways.

Alwin Rex: Explain about individual human morality and its benefits through your yoga education?

Hubert Rex : Through the education of yoga a man will surely attain virtue. Because he understands the philosophy of natural righteous action. Every action we do will give an effect. It will be happy or painful. A man who is fully aware of this will be sweet in thought, word and deed at all times, in all places, in all professions. He has the qualities of discipline, duty and kindness. They will be ready for personal discipline to live without causing suffering to others.

With living resources! Long live the world.

Alwin Rex: Thank you brother for this interview.

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