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An Interview with M. Innasimuthu

Alwin Rex: What was your memorable experience when you served as revenue officer?

M Innasimuthu: The preliminary action taken to safeguard the public during flood session and drought session memorable. BOM blast accident at Aruvankadu Cordite Factory is also memorable.

Alwin Rex: What are some challenges that affect your work?

M. Innasimuthu: Conducting public elections and frequent visits of VIP (very important persons and very very important persons affect the routine revenue work.

Alwin Rex: When were you hired as a Revenue Officer and what were your primary responsibilities?

M. Innasimuthu: Maintaining law and order this the primary responsibility of a revenue officer issue of you all kind of certificate to the needy people's after proper enquiries with in the time schedule this also primary responsibilities. Implementation of special skills announced by the government is very important. Issue of House patta to the landless eligible public is also a primary one. sanction of old-age pension, Indira Gandhi National old age pension, deserted women pension, unmarried women pension, destitute women pension, CM farmer safety scheme, Indira Gandhi national widow pension, disabled pension person's etc... to the eligible people is also primary one by the social security scheme special Tahsildar. As TSO is issue of family cards to the cardless but eligible family is one of the primary responsibilities. And also curtail illustrated transport of public distribution system raise other commodities are primary responsibilities.

Alwin Rex: What life changing issues have happened since the pandemic?

M. Innasimuthu: Due to the pandemic the life style of people is entirely change. unnecessary visit to other places are system lined .It controlled unnecessary gathering in public places. Due this land order problem reduced as much.

Alwin Rex: You have excelled in your work, you have done many services to the people, you have worked for the government, you have worked with justice and honesty, you have received goodwill, you have been praised and retired by all. Are you satisfied with this experience? Do you think you missed out on any helpful opportunities?

M. Innasimuthu: Yes; I am satisfied this experience. I don't think that I never missed any helpful opportunity.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about the crisis and difficulties you faced in your past revenue officer life? How did you cope with this situation?

M. Innasimuthu: I have not come across any serious crisis and difficult is in my past revenue officer life.

Alwin Rex: Can you tell us about the gift or promotion given to you by the government? Why did you get this honor? Tell us about it?

M. Innasimuthu: This point is not applicable to the revenue department.

Alwin Rex: Based on your experience, what are the common misconceptions of the public about the Revenue Officer and government officials?

M.Innasimuthu: The revenue officer has to obey and carryout the Instructions of the government then and there .especially efficient of enclosement from the government property and law and order situation the public misunderstand the revenue officer and government officials.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much sir for your interview answers.


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