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An Interview with Marco Respinti

Gordon: For some of our readers who may not be acquainted with your work, what are some of the publications to which you are a contributing writer?

Marco: I am an Italian professional journalist, member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), essayist, translator, and lecturer. I am the Editor-in-Chief of International Family News, an online news portal in several languages devoted to the defense of natural family, the defense of human life from conception to natural death, and the defense of religious liberty. Having contributed and contributing to several journals and magazines both in print and online, I also serve as Director-in-Charge of Bitter Winter: A Magazine on Religious Liberty and Human Rights in China (an online daily outlet in five languages) as well of the academic publication The Journal of CESNUR.

Gordon: What impact did meeting Russell Kirk have upon your perspectives in writing?

Marco: The story of my encounter with Russell Kirk and his conservative thought is long and deeply important for me, both at a personal and professional level. To cut a very long story short, let me at least say that, when I first met Russell Kirk, in Italy, in 1989, where he was on a lecture tour, I was opened to a totally new perspective. Basically, I was ignorant of the true historical and cultural records of the United States, particularly the Founding, its religious dimensions, and its conservative nature. Dr. Kirk introduced me to a new world, teaching me an unimagined (by me) side of a very relevant story. It was then that I decided to study and work on the subject, while not knowing what my future career could be. My career developed than in the journalistic field and translations, but my approach is always cultural. Kirk’s understanding of America as a Christian Conservative nation, springing from Old Europe, deeply shaped my cast of mind, and it matched the highly appreciated cultural magisterium of Brazilian Catholic thinker Dr. Plinio Correa De Oliveira and is Italian interpreter, Mr. Giovanni Cantoni (who deeply influenced me as well).

Gordon: Who are some of the writers whose works you have translated into Italian?

Marco: Edmund Burke, Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Russell Kirk, J.R.R. Tolkien, French medievalist Régine Pernoud, an English scholar of the Inklings Colin Duriez and a few biographers of Pope Francis whose essays have been collected by Alejandro Bermudez in book form. I also wrote introductions for translations of books by Welsh historian Christopher Dawson, American scientist Jonathan Wells and the French “philosopher-peasant” Gustave Thibon. But in magazines, I have translated many articles and short essays by a plethora of English-speaking authors.

Gordon: You are a popular international lecturer. What are some of the counties in which you have lectured and what were the topics that you discussed?

Marco: I have lectured in Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, England, Spain, Hungary, the US, and South Korea. The topics are legion: from religious liberty in contemporary society to French Revolution and the genocide against Catholics in Vendée (1793-1794); from JRR Tolkien’s literature to Russell Kirk’s thought; from Conservative tradition to Conservative America (and US elections or political events): from classical philosophy to anti-evolutionism; from current politics to a variety of Catholic subjects and authors; and of course China.

Gordon: Please comment on the current challenges in Hong Kong.

Marco: Hong Kong is the last bastion of semi-freedom in China. The Chinese Communist Party is trying to suppress it, in spite of international agreements and basic human rights. The rest of the world should do more to support Hong Kong, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. When Hong Kong falls, the whole world will be impoverished and endangered. But, after all, Hong Kong is just one of the many examples of Beijing’s totalitarian rule. The free world should not let China prevail.

Gordon: What prompted you to review the documentary One Child Nation?

Marco: I am a pro-lifer and a substantial part of my work is dedicated to human rights (and religious freedom) in China. The so-called “one-child policy” is a staggering measure that should ignite the reaction of every free man and woman. Abortion is a totally bad thing. Moral law forbids it. Positive laws of the different countries of the world should prohibit it as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. But imposing abortion on people as a “duty” is even worse than allowing it as “choice”. One of today’s most frightening thing is that China has just substituted, in 2015, the “one-child” policy with the “two-child” policy, but maintaining its ideological neo-Malthusian premises. They are still imposing abortion and sterilization. How can the world live and trade with a country whose government imposes on women the killing of their own living creature still in their womb? One Child Nation can be watched free of charge by anyone on Amazon. That is good news. No one can say “I didn’t know”.

Gordon: There were more than 6k abortions performed in the first year of legalization in Ireland, What recommendation could you give our Irish readers to help them address this tragedy?

Marco: I have no easy recipe for Ireland. I am just amazed by a great country which has quite rapidly lost its own identity, conscience, and morality. Irishmen and Irishwomen should get back to their true self as soon as possible. If they don’t, they are doomed as any other people in the world following their same path. How? Look into your conscience, Ireland, and tell us what you see…

Gordon: Bill Gates is developing a Covid-19 vaccine that includes aborted fetal cell lines. In your opinion, if this vaccine is successful, what are the moral consequences of taking this vaccine?

Marco: Two wrongs never make a right. It would be just like what we saw during the lockdown in many countries. Great doctors and medical personnel trying to save as many lives as possible from the virus and in the meantime other doctors letting women and even girls have easily the “kill pill” at their home by just another phone call so that they could abort their creatures. It’s a dystopian story of a world gone astray. Will we all be alive and kicking just to be able to kill the feeblest in our society? Taking a vaccine who may cure us of the virus having sacrificed human lives to produce it is not only wrong‒it is a monstrosity. Just like fabricating lives to have fresh organs for transplants. Horrors of the brave new world with live in.

Gordon: Thank you for your exceptional leadership in journalism and addressing some of the major societal and ethical challenges that our world is facing.

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