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An Interview with Matt Marrujo

by Gordon Nary

Gordon: When did you attend Concordia University Irvine, what degrees did you earn, what was you favorite course, and why was it your favorite.

Matt: I did my undergrad as a history major. We had an amazing professor, Dr. Daniel Van Voorhis, who was one the greatest teachers I have encountered so every class he taught I absolutely loved it because of all the different great books I got to read and discuss. Gordon: Did you play sports in College, If so, which ones? Matt: I did not play any sports in college. Other than being an intramural champion I got right into coaching after high school. Gordon: You hold several positions at Servite High School. When did you start serving as Head Varsity Volleyball Coach and what are your primary responsibilities? Matt: I was named the Head Volleyball Coach in the Fall of 2009 so Spring 2010 was my first season. My primary job is to run a program that is aligned with the mission of the school and use volleyball as a tool to form our young men into the best versions of themselves. Gordon: When were you appointed Head of Athletics and what are your primary responsibilities? Matt: This is my first school year as the Athletic Director. In this role, there are a lot of different responsibilities but simply put my job is to assist each of our head coaches to make sure our student-athletes have an opportunity to participate in the sport they love. Gordon: When did you start serving as Director of Admissions and what do you enjoy most about your work? Matt: I was the Director of Admissions from 2020-2022. I loved being able to get out and meet prospective students and give them all the information they need to decide what high school will be the best personal fit. Gordon: Who is your favorite sports star and why is that person your favorite? Matt: I am a lifelong Angels fan so Mike Trout is the obvious answer. I love how he plays the game and how he has stayed so humble throughout his career.

Gordon: Thank you for a great interview.

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