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An Interview with Ram Kishore, D.S

Alwin Rex : Please share with our readers some information about you and your family.

Ram Kishore .D.S: My name is Ram Kishore D.S. I studied electrical and electronics engineering . I am unmarried and am obedient, responsible, dignified, and in control. I will be bound to the truth. I will fear God. I will be devout to God. I have one sister, dad, and mother. My dad is government servant .He is retired. My sister is married. now I am working in computer services center . I have experience in hardware and networking. I am excellent in repair laptops, again computer troubleshooting and a skilled worker. I am very skilled l any complaints in computer. I tried to work abroad. It has failed and disappointed in my life.

Alwin Rex: What are your plans for the future?

Ram Kishore .D.S: My goal is that I work for an electrical company. First I want to learn the profession well and become a better engineer. Then we need to create an institution to teach vocational skills for free to educated youth. We need to create a company with such skilled workers. My ambition is to make everyone an employer rather than creating a better workforce.

Alwin Rex: Poverty is a major challenge in your area. Please provide an overview of how serous it is?

Ram Kishore .D.S : In my opinion, the lack of good jobs is a major cause of poverty We need to understand their potential and create a better opportunity without helping them to the extent that it motivates them. I think this is the best way to alleviate poverty.

Alwin Rex: Who is a spiritual person in you area who has impressed you and tell us why h impresses you?

Ram Kishore .D.S : The spiritual person who impressed me was Swami Vivakanandar. His philosophies make life successful. Because he says that you have to stand up and dare even if you are in a life-threatening situation. He also says that you should not give up the effort even if you lose a thousand times. So his philosophies impressed me the most.

Alwin Rex: Please share with our readers what you recommend doing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic

Ram Kishore .D.S:

(1) We all need to adhere to the social gap.

(2) Wear a mask.

(3) Do not be careless.

(4) Be vaccinated.

(5) Be confident.

(6) Drink hot water.

Alwin Rex: What was the teenage event that affected you the most? How did you come back from that?

Ram Kishore .D.S: The failure of the 10th class final exam shattered my medical dream. But I tried unsuccessfully and became a graduate engineer on my own initiative again. What struck me most about my youth was Covid19. It affected not only me but also my family. So we were very tired. But I kept the mind brave. Then I thought of God and took treatment as if I were at home. We always took hot water and steam, paranoid medicine and so on. In a few days we recovered from it. This incident affected me so much.

Alwin Rex: You have a degree and are looking for a good job. Explain your search?

Ram Kishore .D.S: I am looking for a job abroad. I want a good job suitable for the degree I have completed.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much for your interview.

Ram Kishore .D.S: Thank you very much for interviewing me.

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