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An Interview with Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan

Alwin Rex: How did you receive your call to be a Pastor? How has this call changed over time?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: I received God's call from my childhood. Its made a huge difference in my life. Over time the call of God gave way to greater desire for service.

Alwin Rex: What issues are predominantly on your mind and heart as a pastor who has worked extensively with the economically poor?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: Most days I can only comfort them. Financially aid is not going to be able to do much. I hope However the Lord does bless.

Alwin Rex: What other issues do you have as a priority for our work as a society?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: We are facing many problems with the enemies of the gospel and the formation of new congregations.

Alwin Rex: Where do you serve as a church ministry and what are you responsibilities?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: Southern district south India Assembles of God (SDSIAG) kollemcode section, under Assembles of God (A.G) chempicode church.

I am a senior pastor in Assembles of God chempicode church and South India Assembles of God (SIAG) General Treasurer.

Alwin Rex: What impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had upon your ministry?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: Many the people affected in Covid19. But by the god's grace they are saved. we are praying the healing of them.

Alwin Rex: Who is your favourite spiritual leader and why is that leader your favourite?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: My favourite spiritual leader In Assemblies of God over world and Tamil Nadu general superintendent Rev. Dr. Mohan. His ministry and God is using him mighty way in God's vineyard.

Alwin Rex: What were some of you favourite memories when you studied at Theological PhD?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: I was fascinated by Paul's teachings. I will never forget these memories, because I love Paul's teaching words.

Alwin Rex: Why are you a compassionate human being? Tell us about your experience of someone who tested this quality of yours or mistakenly deceived you?

Rev. Dr. T. Sathya Nesan: Yes I compassionate person. Because I love God. So a lot of people have tested me too. Fraudulent gangs, sometimes led by some misguided people in disguise, use the lame, the blind, and the cancer to extort money. Thus making it impossible to show mercy to the real poor. Yet we recognize the real ones and kindly help.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much pastor .I appreciate your interview. God bless you.

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