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An Interview with Reverend Vilreesch

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

by Alwin Rex Lazar

Alwin Rex: Please introduce about yourself.

Rev. Vijeesh: My name is Rev. Vijeesh. I live in ST. Mankad in kanyakumari district. I got married. Her name is C.L.Akhila Mary. I have one boy child his name is V.A.Aaron.I am doing ministry and electrical work.I am born and brought up in a Pentecostal family. I am studied B.A. English literature and M.Div in Theological studies. My father’s name is Rev.C.Varuvel doing ministry in Assemble of God in ST. Mankad. My mother name is Selvarethnam in a homemaker. I have three brothers. I am the elder. My first younger brother doing ministry in bhopal (madhyapradesh) the second younger brother is Advocate in Nagercoil court and last younger brother is musician.

Alwin Rex: Can you tell me the reason why you are working as an electrician even though you are a pastor? Maybe you can take that as a role model for other pastors?

Rev. Vijeesh: I am the son of a pastor. I grew up watching the condition of the church people from my childhood. So I had in mind the desire to have a job that we could do while serving. So I work as an electrician even though I am a pastor. I meet the needs of the children and wife in our lives by the income from my work. My goal is to spend more of the revenue in the ministry on the ministry.

Alwin Rex: Who was the role model for inviting you to the ministry? Tell us about the divine experience that fascinated you?

Rev. Vijeesh: My father was my role model. I received the call of God from my childhood. The miracles and wonders that God did in my parents' ministry field, the miracles that God did in my life brought with it the desire to do ministry.

Alwin Rex: Do you do your ministry freely? Can you tell us about the troubles you have caused by doing this without church discrimination?

Rev. Vijeesh: Yes our denomination allows the ministry to function freely. We do ministry without church discrimination. So there are many pitfalls to face. Because we do our ministry without church discrimination, some congregations create obstacles that prevent many people from attending and worship services.

Alwin Rex: What advice and prayer are you saying to the people at this moment when the epidemic is threatening the nations of the world?

Rev. Vijeesh: During this period the people of the church, the pastors should humble themselves and pray for this plague in the divine community. The people of the world must follow the steps taken by the government to protect themselves. I pray to all people that God will protect and guide them every day.

Alwin Rex: I know you will endure many hardships because you are so simple and meek. Have you ever tried to change this quality?

Rev. Vijeesh: I am simple and meek. But I have faced many critical and problems. But I will never change my quality. I like my quality.

Alwin Rex: You are valued in the sight of God because you do everything with justice and honesty. Does this experience give you complete happiness?

Rev. Vijeesh: My good nature is justice and honesty. I will follow this habit for the rest of my life. So I am very happy.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about your ministry?

Rev. Vijeesh: I have been doing service to the Lord at the Assembly of God Church in Palugal. Only a few villagers attend and worship God. God has given me a small church. Here we worship the Lord with joy. I was given the opportunity in an area where many pastors had left without serving here. By the grace of God I took charge of the church last year. In this one year the Lord has given me grace to gain some souls. As a church, we pray together for the salvation of the nation. Our church is a small church. We are working on its next phase. But due to lack of funds we are suffering from not being able to move forward.

Alwin Rex: Thank you pastor. God bless you and your ministry.

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