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An Interview with Sicil Raj

Alwin Rex: Please share with our readers some information about you

Sicil Raj: I am Sicil Raj with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering (B.Tech) having the concern known as white constructions which was started in 2000 and which make forward successfully till today. My work has building designing Estimate, valuation, supervision, stability, land survey, Vastu (planning construction of Indian style) and contact work, etc...

Alwin Rex: Can you share the artistic nuances needed to bring the nuances of architecture to people’s attention?

Sicil Raj: Yes. Architecture nowadays takes an important place all over the world. That we have followed many strategies. Such as frame structure, Beam around the door area, clay and soil mixed bricks, (ISI TMT 550 ) Agmark grade steel to be used.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about the steps we need to take to build a safe building?

Sicil Raj: The structure of the door is fixed pushing the door to be used interior. Electrical work in the building is to be done by the most experienced electricians. The griped tiles are to be used. The staircase inside the house is to be kept in a clockwise direction.

Alwin Rex: What is the highlight of architecture in modern development?

Sicil Raj: We have to be proud of the ancient architecture because nowadays the building is built with so many stories. At the same time, there are no architectural strategies. But It has so many facilities such as accommodation, centralized air conditioner, safety equipment, swimming pool, restaurant, etc...

Alwin Rex: Can modern architecture today create a building with structures similar to the world-famous old buildings?

Sicil Raj: Yes! It is possible to build. For my part as an engineer in the field of construction, it is possible to build better than one.

Alwin Rex: What is the reason for selecting architecture as your field?

Sicil Raj: After completing the higher secondary course at the time of inquiry about higher education I was boosted by educational experts. That is the reason I chose this field.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion about the country that excels in architecture? Why do they excel?

Sicil Raj: Basically, India is the first country in architecture. Because It has world-famous buildings which are Harappa Mohenjo-Daro).

Alwin Rex: Tell us about the changes that have taken place in architecture in modern times?

Sicil Raj: In ancient times cement, lime, oil, eggs, herbal extracts, and palm juice were used. But at present buildings are constructed using only cement. Also, building designs are done by computers. In ancient times some animals were involved in the construction of buildings. Now machines are being used instead of animals. Multi-storey buildings were in short supply at the time. Now many apartment buildings are found in large numbers everywhere.

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