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An Interview with Stalin Bright

Alwin Rex: What is in your opinion an Ideal Society?

Stalin Bright: Ideal society is defined as a society that operates under expectable standards ethically, morally, spiritually and socially. Such societies do not experience severe activities that are detrimental to human development and economic growth.

Alwin Rex: What are your views on the Criminal Justice System in India?

Stalin Bright: The aim of the Criminal Justice System is to punish the guilty and protect the innocent. Although the broad contours of the Criminal justice system are seldom codified, these can be inferred from different statutes, including the Constitution and judicial pronouncements. In a democratic civilized society, the Criminal Justice System is expected to provide the maximum sense of security to the people at large by dealing with crimes and criminals effectively, quickly and legally."

Alwin Rex: What are your views on the foreign economic policy of India?

Stalin Bright: It becomes necessary for every country to have a proactive foreign economic policy. As economic cooperation amongst countries increases, unified global progress also take root.

Foreign Economic Policy of India Post Independence - A Background Post-independence, India started to follow a mixed economy model. This combined the features of capitalism and socialism. However, the policy had social leanings for obvious reasons. Industry and infrastructure were virtually nonexistent. The government had to intervene in business by walking a tightrope. The emphasis was on encouraging exports and controlling or substituting imports.

The liberalization effort of 1991 was led by a balance of payments crisis that led to a severe recession. India's efforts to secure loans from IMF and World Bank led to a precondition that it had to undertake structural adjustment programs.

Alwin Rex: Do you think democracy and political growth are compatible?

Stalin Bright: However, it has strong and significant indirect effects which contribute to growth. Democracy is associated with higher human capital accumulation, lower inflation, lower political instability, and higher economic freedom.

Alwin Rex: Can you talk about Women's Political Participation and Representation?

Stalin Bright: India ranks 20th from the bottom in terms of representation of women in Parliament. Women have held the posts of president and prime minister in India, as well as chief ministers of various states. Indian voters have elected women to numerous state legislative assemblies and national parliament for many decades.

Alwin Rex: Since when did you start taking an Interest in politics?

Stalin Bright: Participating in politics, be it social (read groupism and bitching), college politics or national politics definitely not. It spoils too many friendships and relationships, basically too toxic for my taste. I'm not thick skinned enough to face jibes and political trolling by opponents. Similar case for social media political debates.

Alwin Rex: Can you list out for us the amount of social work that you have already done?

Stalin Bright: Social work is a profession in which trained professionals are devoted to helping vulnerable people and communities work through challenges they face in everyday life. Social workers practice in a wide variety of settings, united in their commitment to advocating for and improving the lives of individuals, families, groups and societies

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much sir for your reply. I appreciate it.

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