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An Interview with Viju Alex Britto

Alwin Rex: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Viju Alex Britto: I am Viju Alex Britto, and was working in Portugal. My dad is retired CRPF force and mom is a retired nurse. My wife Reeja and I have two kids, a baby girl Ria and a son Rico. We are leading a happy family, thanks to God.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about the contribution of parents to your development?

Viju Alex Britto: Without my parents support right now I'm nothing, my strength is my family and god.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about your favorite pastime. Do you enjoy life?

Viju Alex Britto: I am strongly interested in interior design and taking care about my pets. I bought new pets It is my hobby. I often watch movies, and pass time with my wife and kids. Yes I really enjoy life.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about an incident that affected you?

Viju Alex Britto: The death of my sister during my adolescence made me very sad.

Alwin Rex: Are your wife and children separated from you due being in a foreign country? Is this stressful? How did you handle this situation at the moment?

Viju Alex Britto: Yes, We are separated. When I am depressed, I keep thinking of interesting things that have happened in my life and memories of my family.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about your experience when looking for a job in Portugal for the first time?

Viju Alex Britto: Great experience in Portugal, Awesome people, If you ready to work hard, Europe will always welcome you.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about your safety and the advice you would like to give to the people in this moment when COVID-19 is affecting people?

Viju Alex Britto: If you have hope and help people who believe in you, even this will pass

Alwin Rex: What is your interest in helping people? Do you like it?

Viju Alex Britto: Yes I like to help people. I never hesitate to do what I can.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much for this interview.

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