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An Interview with Wilfred Thomas Thompson

by Alwin Rex Lazar

Alwin Rex: Please share with our readers some information about you..

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: I am Wilfred Thomas working as an sr. draughtsman in a construction company in Dubai for 7 years. I have been involved in many high-rise buildings and my current project is uptown Dubai Tower.

Alwin Rex: What are your future plans?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: After returning from Dubai, I will start my own construction company.

Alwin Rex: Why did you select the field of architecture?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: I love to solve problems architects are constantly solving problems. It is a challenge to consider all aspects of a building's needs. design elements, structural elements, aesthetics, and much more.

Alwin Rex: Who is the father of architecture?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: Louis Henry Sullivan was an American architect and has been called as the father of modernism.

Alwin Rex: Which are the largest architecture companies in Dubai?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: Dewon architects and engineers’& partners, wanders Wagner architects, RMJM, RAW-NYC Architects.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion about the Covid-19 pandemic?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: The Covid19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of families across the world and left many peoples feeling stressed and struggling to cope.

Alwin Rex: If you had any sad events, how did you address them?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: My father's death happened during covid19 lockdown, So I could not attend his funeral (death ceremony). It was my sad event. To overcome this I spend more time in my work.

Alwin Rex: Have you an interest in social work? Have you any experience in doing that?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: Of course I am very much interested in social works every month I am supporting some needful people and I suggest everyone support needy peoples if you can.

Alwin Rex: What is your interest in agriculture?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: I like self-sufficient companies I am interested in agricultural and livestock farming even now I have many country chickens and rabbits in My hours.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion on this interview?

Wilfred Thomas Thompson: I hope that this interview may be of interest to some of your readers

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much for your interview!

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