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For Love of Animals

Christen Ethics Consistent Action

This is the most thought-provoking book that I have ever read. I have never thought of animal rights and whether there was a moral subtext for centuries in Christian beliefs on animal rights based on Biblical teachings and Catholic traditions . I knew nothing about animal farming . I was fascinated by Mary Eberstadt's comment in the forward of the book  that "One also wonders after reading this book when, if ever, pro-life and pro-animal advocates will figure out how much they have in common and make common cause."

In the opening chapter titled Justice for Animals, the author states "Christian justice means consistency and actively working to see that individuals and groups- especially vulnerable populations on the margins - are given what they are owed. It will be especially skeptical of practices which promote violence, consumerism, and autonomy." He then cited the case of Michael Vick, the former star of the Atlanta Falcons, who, when he pled guilty to financing a dog fighting ring  and  hanged or drowned dogs who did not perform well, was sentenced to two years in a federal prison. I found it especially interesting to learn that Fox News reporter Tucker Carson stated that Vick should have been executed fir what he did to these dogs .

Camosy agues that"...the best Christian  sources resist the view that creation exists merely for human beings or that human beings stand at the highest form of creation" and introduced us to the third chapter of the book titled  Christianity and the Nonhuman: From Angels to Aliens:, which may be the most fascinating discussion that I have ever read. Some of the subsections if this chapter are titled. "How Are Angles Different from Humans?","Neither Angel and Human/", and "What About Aliens?"

Other chapters discuss Animals and the Bible, Saints and Other Christina Figures, Contemporary Teachings and Views  Factory Farming, Eating Meat, .Research, Hunting and Pets, and A Consistent Ethic of Life.

An exceptional feature of this book are the questions for discussion at the end of each chapter. For example, here are the questions at the end of the chapters. .For example, here are two of the questions at the end of the chapter Christianity and the Nonhumans.

  • Do you think about angels and how they impact your life? Why or Why not.? Why do you think so little is made of angels today?

  • Do you think that there could be nonhuman persons? Are Superman and  Bilbo Biggens examples of this? Is it possible that nonhuman animals are persons?

When I completed the book, i had to question if Jesus was a vegan.


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