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Jewish Leadership and Challenges

Updated: Nov 19


Prayer for Lori Gilbert Kaye

(Based El Male Rachamim - the traditional Jewish memorial prayer)

God overflowing with compassion, who dwells beyond us Grant perfect rest to Lori Gilbert Kaye (Hebrew name) Protect her within your Divine presence Together with all the luminous ones who shine in the radiant upper spheres of holiness May her eternal rest be in Paradise Source of compassion shelter Lori in Your infinite presence Bind her soul in eternal life May Lori find ultimate peace in divine cosmic infinity May she rests in peace shalom With those of all faiths who have been murdered in the houses of worship they called home Let us say Amen

Submitted by Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman

A Prayer for our Jewish Sisters and Brothers and First Responders in Pittsburgh

Our Creator God we mourn with you the loss of, and injuries, our Jewish sisters and brothers and first responders in Pittsburgh. May God gives eternal peace to those who have died; may your healing touch strengthen those who are injured. We pray for courage to confront the scourge of antisemitism and other forms of social hatred, Help us become catalysts for social cohesion in a time when so many speak words of social separation. Our hope remains rooted in your presence among us.

by John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Profiles in Catholicism


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