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OcTOBER 1-15 2019 Profiles in Catholicism

A Message from the Editor

There are many studies demonstrating the impact of gratuitous violence in an increase of violence in society. Please read Carl Kozlowski's review of the film Joker. Police have been called out to many theaters showing the film. We pray that those who hope to reduce the violence in our cities will boycott the film.

Special Prayer

God of life, Source of hope, The violence within our world, Our communities, our families, Indeed our very selves Is destroying creation.

Make still The restless spirit within me That is self-seeking.

Stir within my heart A renewed spirit Of reverence, respect, and reconciliation.

In union With the Precious Blood of Jesus Give me strength To break the cycle of violence By realizing that peace begins with me.

Amen. by Missionaries of the Precious Blood

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General Articles/Commentaries

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Book Reviews/Commentaries

Film Reviews/Commentaries

  • Ad Astra Reviewed by Kevin Christopher Robles America

  • Toy Story 4 Reviewed by Don Johnson Catholic World Report

  • Downton Abbey Reviewed by Rob Weinert-Kendt America

  • Judy Reviewed by John Anderson America

  • Joker Reviewed by Carl Kozlowski Catholic World Report

TV Reviews/Commentaries

Theater Reviews and Commentaries

Feasting with the Saints


A Prayer for Those Who Have Suffered Abuse by the Clergy

God, in your providential love you comfort those who are wounded and afflicted. Hear our prayers for those who have suffered abuse by those in their families or by those entrusted with their care. In a special way, we pray for those who suffered abuse by clergy who betrayed a sacred trust and who were meant to stand for your loving presence in their lives. May those who have been hurt find support and encouragement in communities of faith, hope, and love. May they discover healing in genuinely loving and caring relationship. May they reclaim hope for themselves. May they be strengthened and confirmed in their resolve to set things aright. May they rest in you who make all things work for the good. Amen by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism

A Prayer to End Gun Violence

Lord Jesus, as you approached the city of Jerusalem, Before your passion, As your people waved palms in your honor, You saw the city and wept over it because you Loved it.

You knew of the violence and chaos you would suffer In that beloved city still you loved it and wept over it. Lord Jesus, look upon our cities, weep over them, Love them and protect them. Weep over us and strengthen us as we suffer Violence and chaos. Weep over us and love us. Lord Jesus, weep over us and love us. (See Lk 19) by Father David O. Brown, O.S.M.. Profiles in Catholicism

A Prayer for Migrant Children

Good Lord, who said “Whoever receives one of these little ones, receives me,” bless the little ones who are caught in the struggle of migration, separation, and abuse. Give all those adults who are responsible for them and for their welfare the wisdom and courage to do the children justice and to protect them. Make our hearts more ,loving and willing to do the right thing by them. May we see in all people young and old your image and so reverence their great dignity. We make our prayer through you who came among us as a child and who was forced to flee the threat of violence Amen

by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism

An Encounter with Silence

Loving God, I come before you to pray for my brothers and sisters, your children and members of Christ’s body, at the southern border of the United States today.

What we read of their suffering seems nothing less than a Passion for thousands. Little children crowded into cells where they scarcely have room to stand. Without decent sanitation or food, separated from their families, the older ones taking care of the younger.

God of mercy, I believe that you live within whatever and whoever I am, the ground of my existence, its gracious cause and hope, its true future, its blessed promise of eternal life. I could not always have said so much. But now through your grace I do believe it.

But God of all, I am shaken in that faith when I read of what is happening on the threshold of my country. Are not the women and men and children there also vessels of your eternal presence? Many of them, most perhaps, from what we call the Northern Triangle, have indeed been baptized. But your incarnate Word is addressed to all of them. Your Spirit of freedom hovers over all of them

by Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J .America


What is Youth Violence?


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