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Sitting Like A Saint. Catholic Mindfulness for Kids

Reviewed by Anne Remien

I think basic life skills should include being able to swim and ride a bike. After reading, Sitting Like a Saint, I would now add

mindfulness meditation to the list.

This delight filled book has wonderful illustrations of the fourteen saints both ancient and modern used as fun and appropriate examples for a child's eye view into saints lives.

The Mindfulness instructions are varied in posture and wording to give an example that should

help anyone find a way to "Sit and Breathe" and release the cares of the day.

The authors of this book for children have combined their backgrounds in psychology, parenting, and spirituality to create a child's eye view into the lives of Catholic saints.

Using gentle meditations as part of the problem solving and coping skills to deal with life at any level is a welcome change

from the usual high speed approach or ignoring issues all together. Just being with your thoughts can help teach discernment skills early in life. That being said this is a wonderful book for family's to read and reflect on together


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