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The Father’s Son

by Jim Sano

This book is religious fiction. It is difficult book as it demands a knowledge of the content that people find difficult. Jim Sano does not disappoint! It is a story that will resonate with those dealing with wounds in their lives and might be what they need to set them on the path towards happiness, which will ultimately lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Despite a traumatic and difficult childhood, 39-year-old Boston sales executive, David Kelly seems to have it all. While building a life of achievement, material success, and professional respect, an unexpected friendship with Tom Fitzpatrick starts him on an emotional and courageous journey that allows him to confront the truth of his past and the impact it has had on the relationships in his life. The Father’s Son is a highly engaging and masterfully written story that will make you think about friendship, forgiveness, redemption, love and truth, and may prove to profoundly impact how you look at life itself.

The author, Jim Sano, grew up in an Irish-Italian family in Massachusetts. Jim is a husband, father, lifelong Catholic and has worked as a teacher, consultant, and businessman. He has degrees from BostonCollege and BentleyUniversity and is currently attending Franciscan University for a master’s degree in Catechetics and Evangelization. He has also attended certificate programs as The Theological Institute for the New Evangelization of St. Julie’s Seminary and the apologetics Academy. He is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild and has enjoyed growing in his faith and now sharing it through writing novels. The Father’s Son is his first novel.


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