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The Way of Light: the story behind the Stations of the Resurrection

by Denise Mercadeo

Reviewed by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

The Way of Light is also known as the Stations of the Resurrection. This devotion received formal recognition by the Holy See in December 2001 and is based on Scripture as noted in the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. This devotion parallels the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. An in-depth study of the mysteries of All the Rosaries- the Dominican, Servites, Brigitime, and Franciscan Rosaries—is provided in the book titled – Mary’s Life Journey and Her Amazing YES. The Glorious mysteries of all the rosaries are referred to, by the author. As the mysteries of Glorious Victory , The Stations of the Resurrection – also known as the Way of Light or the Via Lucis, focus on Jesus’ Resurrection and his interaction with several individuals before His Ascension and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Church. These stations are as follows: 1. Jesus Rises from the Dead 2. The Disciples Discover the Empty Tomb 3. Christ Appears to Mary Magdalene 4. The Road to Emmaus 5. Christ is recognized in the Breaking of the Bread 6. Christ Appears to the Disciples 7. Christ Breathes Peace and Gives the Power to Forgive 8. Christ Strengthens the Faith of Thomas 9. Christ Appears by the Lake of Tiberius 10. Christ Forgives Peter and Entrusts Him to Feed His Sheep 11. Christ Sends out the Disciples into the Whole World 12. Christ Ascends into Heaven 12. Christ ascends into Heaven 13 Mary and the Disciples Keep Vigil for the Coming of the Holy Spirit 14 Christ Sends the Holy Spirit. In this reading, we will explore all the Scriptures and history for each of the Stations of the Resurrection. As encouraged by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, we will use our imagination to place ourselves fully within the Scriptures for each station. This will allow the reader to be more aware of all that is occurring, and all that God is saying to us.

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