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An Interview with Binu Kumar

Alwin Rex: Please share your biography with our readers.

Binu Kumar: In 1991 I worked at Abad Hotel beauty parlor in Kochi I have experience of 25 years in the field of beautician at (Polonica Beauty Parlour). I started a Beauty parlor for my own place in Marthandam close to my birthplace to serve the people around the area in 2003.

Alwin Rex: What is the reason you choose a beautician career?

Binu Kumar: It is a very important art because every day I like it. There is a great demand for this field and I have not only I have but also all the people who are engaged in this field have better prospects.

Alwin Rex: Please explain the strategies you use to satisfy people with different preferences when they come to you to beautify themselves?

Binu Kumar: I understand the needs of the customers and then ask what they need, then I explain the merits and demerits of the needs and I will do the same if they are satisfied. I will do it the way they want.

Alwin Rex: Are cosmetics harmful to health?

Binu Kumar: The cosmetic goods need to be handled safely. When handled safely there is no problem

Alwin Rex: Why can't we try to enhance our facial beauty by using natural cosmetics?

Binu Kumar: All cosmetics which are made with herbals are natural cosmetics.

Alwin Rex: What are the challenges in your business and how do you overcome them?

Binu Kumar: There are no challenges in my field. Sometimes there may be a few challenges if a new parlor is started in my area. But basically, the best customers continue to come to our parlor.

Alwin Rex: Who is the most famous cosmetologist in India? Why are they so famous?

Binu Kumar: Her name is Sekma Sussain. She has introduced her own product in the cosmetic sector and she is in the field of beauty parlor also.

Alwin Rex: What are the economic problems that the Covid-19 impact has caused you?

Binu Kumar: Covid-19 infection caused unspeakable damage and the store did not open for 3 to 4 consecutive months, There was no income during that period and a lot of people were basically affected by it, Even now the COVID 19 infection is still not completely eradicated for some time. By the grace of God we escaped.

Alwin Rex: Thank you very much for an interesting interview.


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