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An Interview with Dr. S. Prabin

by Alwin Rex Lazar

Alwin Rex: Please share with our readers some information about you.

Dr. S. Prabin: I am Dr. S. Prabin M.Com., M.Phil, B.Ed., PhD. I was born in India and I am working as an Assistant Professor at Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandam,Tamilnadu.

Alwin Rex: Do you find it challenging to be honest with so much dishonesty everywhere, especially on social media?

Dr. S. Prabin: I find there is no challenge to be an honest. Honest people meet their responsbilities in our society wherever they live.

Alwin Rex: Drug addiction and illicit drug use by young people is a challenge. What can we do about it?

Dr. S. Prabin: Drug use by young people is a serious challenge. It can be reduced by focusing more awareness towards the harm in taking them .We have a moral responsibility do this whenever possible. Only then we can make a change among our youth’s drug use.

Alwin Rex: Can you share with our readers how our educational system can be more effective for young people?

Dr. S. Prabin: We need to mandate more discipline which is the foundation of any effective educational system.

Alwin Rex: How is India's economy today?

Dr. S. Prabin: In comparison with other countries, India's economy is in good condition because everyone in the country gets food, clothing, shelter, fuel for vehicles, etc. This indicates that India’s economy is in good shape.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion on privatization?

Dr. S. Prabin: A moderate privatization is necessary. Privatization only moves the standard of living upwards.

Alwin Rex: If you were to become the Educational Minister, what would be the first step you would you taketo restructure our education policy?

Dr. S. Prabin: Establish a more effective language program.

Alwin Rex: Does our banking system simplify the lives of the people?

Dr. S. Prabin: Yes, because there is no need to go to bank even for opening an account, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

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