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Human Trafficking

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

A Message from the Editor

About twenty years ago in London, I met several rescued survivors of human trafficking. While I was listening to their stories, I teared up - something I rarely do. These brave children and adults were scarred forever in their hearts, minds, and souls. We are privileged to have interviews with several global and regional leaders who specialize in addressing and preventing human trafficking.

Sadly, I earned that Nicholas Magliano, the son of my friend and contributor

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A Quote to Remember

“It is not possible to remain indifferent before the knowledge that human beings are bought and sold like goods! I think of the adoption of children for the extraction of their organs, of women deceived and obliged to prostitute themselves, of workers exploited and denied rights or a voice, and so on. And this is human trafficking. It is precisely on this level that we need to make a good examination of conscience: how many times have we permitted a human being to be seen as an object, to be put on show in order to sell a product or to satisfy an immoral desire? The human person ought never to be sold or bought as if he or she were a commodity. Whoever uses human persons in this way and exploits them, even if indirectly, becomes an accomplice of injustice.”

by Pope Francis


Prayer to End Human Trafficking

Lord Jesus, you taught us the value of human life, the dignity of every person,

You said, like Isaiah, you came to bring good news to the poor,

To set captives free,

To lift up the oppressed,

To give sight to the blind,

May we not be blind but inspired by your words and action,

to support the children, and free all the captured slaves,

the victims of the people traders bought and sold as objects by the

human traffickers, may we set them free and end the scourge of human trafficking in your name.

Lord Jesus May your spirit be upon us.

Amen by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism


Prayer for the victims of drowning by human traffickers

You taught us a great truth Lord that the children are the most important of all, you said for us to be with them is to be with you. They are precious and how many perish in the angry seas as migrant boats flee the war in Yemen to Djibouti.

Thrown overboard by human traffickers. Such evil criminals must be held accountable and those making war in Yemen.

The lives of 27 , Lord Jesus, were lost Sixteen children, women left to drown all because of human greed the root of so much evil.

Lord may your words and example inspire good people in the international community to be united in ending the horrific war and uses their power and intervention to bring a ceasefire and make peace. The lives of starving children will be saved. Amen by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

Prayer to End Human Trafficking

O Lord, you said you came: “to set the captives free.” In our world young men and women who are trafficked are modern-day slaves. Help these young people not to lose hope. Give the grace for elected officials to grow in awareness of and to take active steps to eradicate this horror. Teach them not to prosecute the victims of trafficking but to bring to justice those who perpetrate this crime. Lord, give the grace of conversion to those who mistreat unfortunates for their own personal gain. May demand decrease as people realize that prostitution is a crime against human dignity, forced upon these people, who are more victim than anything else. May the awareness of this horrendous crime spread throughout the world and may many join the efforts to stop trafficking and help the victims begin anew, filled with hope.

We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

by Sr. Veronica Piccone, MSC

Prayer for Fr Javier Campos and Fr Joaquín Mora

Whatever is our religious creed, we are united by the desire for justice, reconciliation and peace. A desire that comes from the depths of our hearts in the face of the blood that is shed violently day after day. From here we join the prayers of many in many countries following the murder of the Jesuit missionaries in the Tarahumara Sierra, Fr Javier Campos and Fr Joaquín Mora.

The blood of our brothers is sacred blood, so remembering them in community makes us feel connected to a memory of death and resurrection. In this desire for peace is the life that emerges from death. There is the presence of God giving us the word and the movement to build peace.

In these deaths God speaks to us to go out of ourselves and to undertake a journey, in these deaths he reminds us that we are one body and one family, that we cannot go forward alone, that we need each other.

by Father Hans Zollner, S.J. Profiles in Catholicism

A Prayer for Nicholas Magliano

We pray Lord that you help the sick ,that they believe in you and that Nicholas can endure and heal, inspire and strengthen Nicholas

overcome the challenge,

knowing you are always with us. We will never give up believing that Goodness and Truth. will triumph over sickness and evil, that your Spirit will help Nicholas heal and our love will lift him up, and help him feel your love and presence through us and all will know that we and Nicholas are your friends and disciples. Amen

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

A Prayer for Those Murdered in the Highland Park Parade and their Families and Friends

Good and Gracious God,

We ask you to comfort the families who had friends and family lost in the brutal attach on the Highland Park Parade. Help them to remember the good things that happened to those who perished. May we take seriously our responsibility to put a halt on the use and abuse of guns in our society.

May all who perished be filled with the light of eternal life. We ask you this through Christ, our Lord, Amen by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

Good and gracious God,

You brought Landon back to yourself quickly. It is his simple kindness that made you think of him. Please bless his parents and all his relatives in this time of sorrow for them. May their lives be filled with the knowledge that Landon is with you at peace and embraced in your loving arms by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

A prayer for peace in Ukraine

“To whom shall we go?” (cf. Jn 6: 68)

Lord, there was a time before the bombs

Lord, there was a time before the atrocities

Lord, there was a time before the destruction

Lord, there was a time before …

Who wants the devastation, the ravaging, the turmoil, the loss of limbs, the deaths and destruction of livelihoods, crops and homes?

Who wants the unspeakable harm to the innocent, the undefended, those who cannot run, the weak, the frail and the hospitalized?

Who wants to carry out the commands that humiliate, decimate, dismember, waste, ruin the countryside, towns and cities?

Who, in the beginning, willed to wield the brutality of our neighbours?

Who, then, can enter the well defended, unreachable depths of unforgiveness?

Our hope for peace is built on the crucifixion opening out into the resurrection!

Our hope for peace is built on the extermination camps closing and the beauty of their silence!

Our hope for peace is beyond the machinations of human beings, their hidden plots and plans!

Our hope for peace is bled from the wounds which cannot heal without your help!

Our hope for peace is that human cry for help which pierced the hands and side of Christ!

Mary, Mother of the Lord, St. Joseph and all angels and saints,

Raise a plea in the presence of God which, like a wave gathering Momentum, will reach the throne of Mercy

And open the gates of grace!

by Francis Etheredge Profiles in Catholicism

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