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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A Message from the Editor

Some of us live in addiction-compromised countries where alcoholism, opioid addiction, and pornography addiction may appear to be overwhelming.

Another from of addiction that some may overlook in the United States is the addiction of some Republicans to Donald Trump and his cultists minions . This may be the most lethal form of addiction since it could cause another insurrection and threaten the democratic foundation of the United States.

A Quote to Remember

"An addiction is any pleasure that becomes an obsession (a mental preoccupation) which often then results in a compulsion (a behavior that acts out the obsession). Addictions can be chemically based, but they can also be emotionally or behaviorally based as well. An addiction is not a disease. You can’t catch an addiction. An addiction is a sinful disorder which therefore stresses responsibility for your addiction, but also gives hope for recovery from your addiction. An addiction is anything we depend on that draws us away from giving greater dependence on God. An addiction is not trusting in the sufficiency of Christ. An addiction is a false god. An addiction is an idol. Addictions are the lust to satisfy passions with idols outside of Christ.”

Sermon, Overcoming Addictions, Titus 2:11-14, August 23, 2015.

by Randy Smith Grace BibleChurch.

Special Prayer

Prayer to St. Jude to End Addiction

God of life, You made me in Your perfect image, to live in Your love and to give You glory, honor and praise. Open my heart to Your healing power. Come, Lord Jesus, calm my soul just as you whispered “Peace” to the stormy sea.

St. Jude, most holy Apostle, in my need I reach out to you. I beg you to intercede for me that I may find strength to overcome my illness. Bless all those who struggle with addiction. Touch them, heal them, reassure them of the Father’s constant love.

Remain at my side, St. Jude, to chase away all evil temptations, fears, and doubts. May the quiet assurance of your loving presence illuminate the darkness in my heart and bring lasting peace. Amen. by The National Shrine of St. Jude

A Prayer for All Substance Users with Covid-19

“Oh Lord my God how great thou art!” (Hymn)

You have made us like a plant that climbs, one of many, rising and Twisting as it matures and spreads its leaves, like growing wings, Clinging as it goes to a central column which, like Christ, allows the Plant to grow green and tall and to unfold its flowers in the bright day.

But there is a serpent, too, that looks like a climbing plant but bites,

Deeply, into the veins of life, stealing vitality under the guise of the Strangest sights of blushing colors and steals, bit by bit, all we own And care about until, dry as dirt, our life shrivels, slowly, dying out.

We bought, Lord, little by little, the lie of trying that turned a dose Into a habit and a habit into a habitual practice of excusing ourselves

From the day-to-day difficulties that ground us down and out and Now, turning around is like stopping a landslide, earthquake or death.

And now, amidst all the other problems of life, there is a vulnerability

To more, to whatever infections and viruses abound, where we can be

Found, on the street, in a corner, under steps, beside the bins and Rubbish, waiting, waiting for what? for what may not have died yet.

Help me to be the plant I was, planted to climb a column, drawing Strength from support, not out of weakness as if it is unnatural to me, But out of the truth that you, Lord, are the vine and I am a branch (Jn 15: 5) and, therefore, growing through You is growing together again.

Like an old branch, stuck in the ground to help support the new plants,

Let me bud afresh, strike out from an almost dead beginning, bearing

Others that they may learn from me that the Lord is faithful beyond My failures, ever fostering a fruitfulness beyond failure upon failure.

Let your word enlighten and lead me, uncover the roots of pride’s no.

Sink prayer deeper than the possibility of being uprooted and humble

Me, that I may grow deep, more deeply humbled again, like stepping

Stones over the dark, differently dying, and rising, again and again.

And let your sacred embrace of forgiveness, the sacramental falling Into your open arms, raise me again and again from the gory agony Of pain dripping pain, splashing joy upon my face, drink in the desert, Warmth in the cold, life-giving lover of the hopelessly lost and dying.

“Oh Lord my God how great thou art!” Send me your Son that He May release me from what binds, deep within, like the deep-cleaning

I need, knowing that now, after so many false hopes, that there is only

One hope, one Lord of all, one lover of the lost and one able to help!

Let me plead before you, come to you, for you are within reach!

by Francis Etheredge Profiles in Catholicism, author of the forthcoming:

Within Reach of You: A Book of Prose and Prayers:

A Prayer for Dea-John Reid

Good and Gracious God,

On Wednesday, Dea-John’s family described him as an “incredibly talented young boy”. “We’d like to thank the emergency services for their diligence and support … and the public for their outpouring of love and support throughout this tragic and challenging time. We ask you Lord to bless this young man as he passes into heaven. We ask you to bless the family who taught him how to love others. The family said: “This loss not only affects us but everyone Dea-John knew, we have lost a son, his siblings have lost a brother and others have lost a friend. The passing of this incredibly talented young boy will be felt by us all. How many more mothers will have to mourn for their sons for this to stop?” Help us Lord to be kinder, more compassionate people that realize the goodness of all, that skin color or ethnic diversity only enriches our life. We ask you to assist us in the name of Our Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit.

by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

Prayer for the Murdered Children in Chicago

Lord God, source of all life,

you make all life sacred

and love especially the most vulnerable among us.

Protect our children from senseless violence,

shield them from the plague of gunfire,

and enable us to defend them from those who would harm them.

Enable our community to address the root causes of violence

and to transform our life together

in a spirit of justice and deep respect for all life.

We pray through Christ, our Lord. Amen by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism

Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Release of Martha Hennessy

Dearest Lord

Thank you for keeping Martha Hennessey safe when she was in prison for breaking into Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia to protest its stockpile of nuclear weapons. Please continue to protect and guide her now that she is released. by Gordon Nary Profiles in Catholicism

Saving the planet Earth.

Let the students march and speak, Let the youth protest and cry, Let the day of justice roll on, May they change the world with truth and confound the lie. The world is heating, we are cooking ourselves to death, We are burning coal and oil and everything we can, We are the arsonists of this planet and will bring it to an end, We will soon return to the primeval state from where we first began. So raise your banner and join the march, Let your voice be loud for all to hear, There is nothing more important than we stand, As one against the intimidation and the fear. The climate is a changing, the forests are burning and falling down, The oceans are filled with plastic and the earth is turning from green to brown. We must challenge the politics and the powers, The tycoons of industry and corruption all around, We must cry foul, to save the Earth, The climate is changing for the worst, that is the greatest threat. I see the hope in the voices of the youth, That demand with Greta that change must come I feel the strength and the mighty power of honesty and the truth, The people are on the move, the children and the old, The brave and courageous youth. They will change the minds and hardened hearts, they will restore the Planet green and blue, They will live and fight for what is so right, good and true. by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

[1] Fr. Larry Young « On a Catholic Approach to Substance Abuse”:

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