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A Prayer for the Schoolgirls Killed in Afghanistan

Oh Lord, we are anguished at the murder of young girls in Afghanistan.

Less than a week ago.

They lived in an impoverished area of Kabul,

members of the Hazara minority.

Even a local maternity hospital was attacked

just a year ago.

They are targeted both as a minority

and as young women seeking to become educated

and contribute to their society.

These murders are horrific and shameful.

And with U.S. and NATO troops scheduled to leave

by the historic date of September 11, 2021,

one can only suspect

that more killings of the young and innocent,

especially girls and women,

will take place.

We pray that the local authorities will be able to

stop these future killings before they take place.

And we pray for the innocent victims and their families

that they may find peach and solace

in an Afghanistan that can find its way out of the turmoils

of the present and future.

All humans are created in the image and likeness of God,

so we raise our hearts and souls in prayer, Oh Lord,

that a way to peace and prosperity for all

in Afghanistan can at long last be found.

by Dr. Eugene Fisher Profiles in Catholicism


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