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Updated: Oct 29

A Message from the Editor

This November, we have a special focus on evangelization and have interviews with leading evangelists.

When most of us watch the horror of the Hamas/Israeli on TV, we are saddened for a brief time and then move on. Sadly, those involved in this war have their souls scarred for the rest of their lives. Some have stated that this is the worst tragedy that has affected Israelis since the Holocaust. There is one aspect of this war that is worse than the Holocaust – the infants that have been burned alive and beheaded. We have provided several prayers which we hope our readers will consider praying as often as possible

More than 2,400 people were killed in earthquakes in Afghanistan. We ask our readers to pray for them

I seldom pay any attention to the often lunatic statements by Donald Trump. But when he compared himself to Nelson Mandela. I was outraged. Trump is a pathological liar and a racist. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison for opposing South Africa's apartheid system. If Trump sends 27 years in jail for all of his crimes, then there could be a connection to Nelson Mandela.

A Quote to Remember

“The mission of ordained ministers is evangelization… the first form of evangelization is the witness of fraternity and of communion between priests and bishop be aware that it is lives that evangelize rather than works “.

by Pope Francis


A Prayer for Evangelists

“Eternally Given”

Creator of all, all is disposed to announce your Love!

Whether the whistling, trickling, dripping of waters,

The uproarious rising of voluminous fumes and fire,

The cascading clouds of tumultuously pouring snow,

Or the sheer silence of desert sands, softly blowing and

Seeping across mounds and dunes until tidied by the sea.

Your presence is spoken everywhere, you said: “I AM”.

Whether by word, rite or word and act in sacrament,

An outer event working as witness to a change within,

Or through the word-events inscribed in the lived lives,

Of people and places from the opening of time’s changes

To the now, everlastingly on the edge of edging to the end.

Your presence is spoken personally, too, by all who help.

Whether in overlooking the offence, forgiving, or giving

What is beyond need and more than can be given easily,

So that the generosity of Christ comes to our neighbour,

Concretely, letting what is given go through us to others,

Building, gift by gift, the giving that taps the good in all.

Your presence is spoken, too, by the wise ways of God.

Whether by greeting a passer-by, and listening to a need,

A book on a shelf discovered while visiting a friend, or a

“Chance” expression in a bible or a catechism, telling of

Love’s power to pass faith in God as it passes through the

Passing change that turns out to be permanently rooted.

Your presence is spoken when we speak of God loving you.

Whether on a street, with singing and dancing, as a part

Of a pilgrimage to a place where you touched the earth or

Your mother visited, a saint acted, or the mysteries of life

Are lived in tranquillity, as in an enclosure, closed off so as

To be closer to all and away from none, being in Your Heart.

Your presence is spoken when we speak a word broken.

Whether taken at random as a gift for another, opened in a

Hope to help beyond our own efforts when suffering closes,

Threateningly, on the throat of the breath that would say

You exist and love and help when all around is disaster and

Damage unimaginable, destroying lives, leaving us speechless.

Your presence is spoken in the silence of the cross speaking.

Whether we sit alone, in front of the mystery of your presence

Among us, hidden from our sight but visibly present in the

Place by the lit light, in the word of forgiveness, in the echo

Of another’s experience, shedding insights on our own lives,

Gathering, at the same time, all that we have been given.

Creator of all, all is disposed to announce your love!

Whether we be the least able or the greatest and most moving

Of hearts, dropping a dripping spark, flaming as it falls, ready

From you to ignite a little love, swelling at the root, bursting

Out, warming others, calling all to gather around the hearth

Of Your Church, rehearsing the song of praise sung hereafter!

by Francis Etheredge, Catholic married layman, father of 11, 3

of whom are in heaven, and an author:

Prayer for the Children Killed in the Hamas War against Israel

Brother Jesus, we ask your blessing upon the children killed in the brutal attack in Israel. Give us the courage

to speak out against such violations of human dignity. Strengthen us with your grace so that we may courageously protest the killing of children in Israel/Palestine and other parts of the world.

You demonstrated your affection and concern for children in your public ministry. May we follow your example today

by Father John Pawlikowski, OSM, PhD,, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

A prayer for the hostages in the Hamas/Israeli war

God of Abraham,

the father in faith of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people,

send the Spirit of peace on the Holy Land,

free captive people and give release to prisoners,

heal the wounded, especially the children,

give everyone a heart to work for reconciliation,

enable us to do whatever we can

to bring all your children together. Amen.

by Father Louis Cameli Profiles in Catholicism

Prayer for the Israeli Victims of Hamas Terrorism

Oh Lord, we pray for those who have been injured or killed

by the murderous terrorists of Hamas.

We know that they do not have a mission to help the Palestinians.

Their sole mission is to kill Jews, a Nazi inspired attempt at a

second Holocaust.

Oh Lord, we pray also for the families who have lost loved ones.

These families are in Israel, the United States and around the world.

We pray that the slaughter of innocent men, women and children will stop.

We pray that the hostages will be returned safely to their families.

We pray that peace will return to Israel and to all the Middle East.

Thank you, God, for helping us to wake up from our collective slumber as

your people and give us the courage and strength to rise us up

as ambassadors of Your peace, love, justice, and unity.

Help us to be Your instruments through the power of Your Spirit.

by Eugene Fisher and Sasha Bergstrasser Profiles in Catholicism

A Prayer for the Victims of War

Good and gracious God.

You have heard the cries of the people deeply involved in war. You never condone violence on behalf of harming others. Help us all to realize we must be held accountable for all the times we harm others. Help us today to stop this violence As President Zelensky states: “Today, the entire world saw horrifying videos from Israel. Terrorists humiliate women and men, detain even the elderly, and show no mercy. In the face of such a terrorist strike, everyone who values life must stand in solidarity. We in Ukraine have a special feeling about what has happened Thousands of rockets in the Israeli sky... People killed just on the streets... Civilian cars shot through... Detainees being humiliated… Our position is crystal clear: anyone who causes terror and death anywhere on the planet must be held accountable.” Please help us Lord, in stopping this attack on the poor and helpless. Help us to realize that it is the God within that causes us to transform and change from violence to non-violence through Christ Our Lord, Amen by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

Prayer for Afghanistan Earthquake Victims

God of Heaven and earth, creator of all and our dear Father, with contrite hearts we humbled before your divine presence to ask forgiveness for our wrongdoings. We are clamoring and appealing to your merciful love. Lord, have mercy on us and on the poor people of Afghanistan. Open your powerful and consoling arms to our brothers and sisters in the midst of destruction and sorrow. Heal their physical and spiritual wounds, strengthen them in body and souls to bury their dead and to reconstruct their towns and lives once more. We ask this through your loving Son, Jesus Christ. Amen by Margarita Cameron Profiles in Catholicism

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and Death shall Sue

when Age Outruns the Issue of It’s Bond

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