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Children at Risk

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

A Message from the Editor

Children are our most important gift from God. However thousands of children starve to death daily. They continue to be sexually abused by clergy of all faiths, and even by their families. They are trafficked as sexual objects globally. Those who live in war zones suffer in ways that are incomprehensible most of us.

Let us commit to helping save one child from pain and death this new year.

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Prayer for Child Protection

The force of eternal goodness and love will fill our hearts and action today and everyday as we strive to bring greater respect and dignity to every child.

The UN established the convention of the rights of the child, may they be implemented.

Lord, you made children the most important in the Kingdom, inspire good people to stand up and protect children and bring abusers to justice. Heal the victims and survivors so they have a happier, better life. Amen by Father Shay Cullen

Prayer to end violence against children

Children are the most vulnerable the most at risk from abusers. From those Lord,

who should protect and help them.

You taught us that the Children are first in God's the Kingdom.

Inspire us Lord Jesus to save and protect all children and bring the abusers to Justice.

Lord you said to throw them in the ocean of isolation where they will truly repent,

confess and do penance and beg forgiveness.

Help us protect children and prevent abuse everyday. Amen by Father Shay Cullen

A prayer to end child starvation:

“I am the bread of life” (Jn 6: 48)

Lord of life: you create all that is good (cf. Gn 1-2)!

Just as you walked the earth and saw our needs

You see the plight of our times: riches and poverty:

The starving among us; and, just as you had pity (Mk 8: 2)

On the multitude who came to listen to you,

And caused food to be shared in abundance (cf. Mk 8: 6-10) –

We cannot describe what is more fully known to you!

So we beg you to listen to the lips that cannot cry!

To the almost inaudible cry of our starving children!

Lord of love: you give every kind of good food!

Just as Zacchaeus was moved by your visit

And generously opened his wealth to others (cf. Lk 19: 1-10)

Out of love and as a remedy for what he had done,

Let your abundant gifts run between the poor, the generations,

Peoples of all races and creeds, particularly the silent-starving –

We cannot tell you more clearly of the hearts open to you!

So we beg you to listen to the lips that cannot cry!

To the almost inaudible cry of our starving children!

Lord of Bread: let us share what you give us!

You will ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ (Mt 6: 11)

If we ask your Father (cf. Mt 6: 9); and so we ask on behalf

Of ourselves and those without daily bread, that just as you

Taught us this prayer that you intend it to be answered:

Again and again, again and again, again and again –

We cannot tell you more deeply of the hunger in us!

So we beg you to listen to the lips that cannot cry!

To the almost inaudible cry of our starving children!

Prayer to protect Children from online abuse

Lord help us Protect children from online abuse, may the EU retain and improve the existing law to filter and trace child pornography

and stop the grooming of children by evil doers and end child abuse and extortion.

Lord we pray that the internet server providers will block the abusers and may the good police bring them to justice.

As you said Lord Jesus, in Matthew 18: let a mill stone be tied to their necks and they be thrown into the sea !

Let truth and justice for all children prevail. Amen

Prayer to end Genocide

O Lord, we cry to you, with deep pain in our hearts and souls.

Our hearts ache, because of genocide caused by

the lust for power,

cruel hatred for others,

because of their race, religion or physical differences.

God of all, the heavens weep, the winds whisper

through this great world you have created.

We hear and feel the weeping in our own souls.

Open our eyes and cleanse our souls

that we may always remember the awful injustices.

How long, O God, will we look with empty souls and eyes, how long?

The answer, “Until you feel my pain for all my children.”

We cry in shame. Forgive us Lord.


by Heather Choate Davis

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers who Have Died from Coviid-19

More and more as we approach the Incarnation, we sing the goodness of the Lord. "Each day is a gift from God" an opportunity to bring His mercy and goodness to others. I am in prayerful awe of the medical workers who gave their lives for others in order to assist all they could with the pain of the Covid virus. They gave their life for their friends, family, strangers, people on the same path, all who they met during the day. Over and over, they attended to the needs of others while attempting to protect themselves and all others. Bless them Lord and hold them in the warm embrace of your Love. May the God of the Incarnation bring joy and peace to the families who are left without these holy men and women be sustained by His love, goodness, kindness, and peace. May we all look for ways we can assist them in their healing. We ask you this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D.

A Prayer for the Massacred Ethiopians

Lord, Please welcome our brothers in Christ into your eternal loving embrace

and comfort those who have lost them, by Gordon Nary

A Quote to Remember

“From the first moments of their lives, some are rejected, abandoned, and robbed of their infancy and future. There are those who say it is a mistake to bring these children into the world, due to their fragility, and the hunger and poverty they suffer. But children are never a mistake, and their sufferings are only reasons for us to love them even more. Every child who begs on the streets, who is denied an education or medical care, is a cry to God. Too often, these children become prey to criminals, who exploit them for commerce or violence. Even in wealthy countries, they suffer due to family crises and living conditions which are at times inhumane. In every case, their childhood is violated in body and soul.”

by Pope Francis


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